Family of Slain Philadelphia Macy’s Security Guard Plans Civil Lawsuit, Citing Years of Neglected Security Measures

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The family of a security guard killed at a Macy’s store in Center City Philadelphia is preparing to take legal action. Eric Harrison, 27, was fatally stabbed by an alleged shoplifter, and his family’s lawyers have asserted that years of security failures created the conditions for the crime to occur. This tragedy has deeply affected Harrison’s parents, who remember him as a dedicated and hardworking individual. Despite holding two jobs, Harrison still made time to speak to his mother daily. His family had encouraged him to leave his day job at Macy’s due to safety concerns, as he had secured an overnight position at the U.S. Post Office.

On December 4th, tragedy struck as Harrison was attacked while on duty at Macy’s. According to the police, the suspect, 30-year-old Tyrone Tunnell, was caught stealing and ejected from the store. He later returned and randomly stabbed Harrison to death. Eric Zajac of the law firm representing Harrison’s family claims that Tunnell targeted a defenseless victim. The law firm has recently filed Writs of Summons against Macy’s, as well as the building’s owners and management companies. The purpose of this civil action is to enable the firm to file a more thorough lawsuit once the implicated companies provide further information in their response.

The legal team alleges that Macy’s failed to provide adequate protection for its employees, especially in light of the increasing criminal activity in Center City. Zajac argues that theft is pervasive and criminals act with impunity. He also states that the Macy’s store in question has faced particular challenges with crime, with approximately 250 incidents reported to the police in 2023. As a result, private security guards and armed Philadelphia police have been deployed within the Center City Macy’s. The attorneys argue that these precautions should have been implemented while Harrison was on duty, questioning why it took his tragic death to prompt such measures.

In addition to the security concerns, the lawyers are also concerned about the leaked video of the attack. They claim that it has caused further harm to Harrison’s family, who have been repeatedly traumatized by its circulation on social media. The lawsuit seeks damages, taking into account the potential earnings Harrison could have had throughout his life, as well as the suffering endured by his family. The family hopes that their legal fight will bring about a new state shoplifting law and improve safety for all retail workers, preventing similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

Macy’s has not yet commented on the lawsuit, but a spokesperson expressed condolences to the Harrison family. However, Harrison’s mother stated that no one from Macy’s corporate office has reached out to them. As the legal process unfolds, the family seeks justice for their son and seeks to prevent a similar fate from befalling others.

In summary, the family of Eric Harrison, a security guard killed at a Macy’s in Philadelphia, plans to file a civil lawsuit. The lawyers representing the family claim that Macy’s and other implicated parties failed to provide adequate security measures, giving rise to the opportunity for such a tragic crime. The legal action seeks damages for the family, who hope to use their fight for justice to improve safety for retail workers and prevent future tragedies.