Federal Lawsuit Alleges Negligence and Indifference by Jail Medical Staff Leads to Tragic Death

Mansfield, Ohio – A recently filed federal lawsuit alleges that medical staff members at Richland County Jail showed “deliberate indifference” towards an inmate who later died. Zachary Marshall, 35, initially complained of feeling sick and showed signs of infection when he entered the jail on December 5, 2021. Despite his worsening condition, medical staff members reportedly failed to provide appropriate care. Marshall’s mental state began to deteriorate, and he was placed in medical segregation, but no diagnostic workup or follow-up care was given. The lawsuit claims that when a police lieutenant encountered Marshall via videoconference on December 16, he was confused and did not comprehend what was happening. The lieutenant alerted Marshall’s counselor and a jail nurse, but no action was taken. Marshall was later found unresponsive in his cell and was pronounced dead on December 22, 2021. An autopsy revealed that his cause of death was sepsis due to endocarditis with multiple septic emboli. This is the second federal lawsuit filed in 2023 against Advanced Correctional Healthcare Inc. at Richland County Jail. The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages and a trial by jury.

Attorney Barton Keyes, representing Marshall’s estate, emphasized the importance of providing basic medical attention and respect to inmates in jails. Keyes stated that individuals in custody deserve dignity and proper care for their medical needs, regardless of the reasons for their incarceration. He expressed concerns about similar situations occurring in jails across Ohio and the nation, stressing the necessity of training staff adequately and ensuring sufficient medical resources.

The tragic death of Zachary Marshall underscores the claims made in the lawsuit against Richland County Jail’s medical staff. Marshall’s sister, Lacee Bowersox, described him as a gentle and tech-savvy person who experienced various health challenges throughout his life. Marshall’s history of intravenous drug use heightened his risk of developing sepsis, according to the civil suit. The lawsuit alleges that the defendants violated Marshall’s due process rights under the 14th Amendment and contributed to his wrongful death.

The lawsuit seeks justice for Marshall’s untimely passing and aims to hold both medical staff members and corrections officers accountable for their alleged negligence. It is the hope of Marshall’s estate, represented by Lacee Bowersox, that this legal action will shed light on the need for improved medical care and attention within correctional facilities. Marshall’s tragic death highlights the ongoing challenge of providing adequate medical services to inmates and raises important questions about the well-being of individuals in custody.

In conclusion, a federal lawsuit has been filed against medical staff members of Richland County Jail, alleging that their “deliberate indifference” led to the untimely death of an inmate. Zachary Marshall, who complained of feeling sick upon his arrival at the jail, received inadequate medical care despite showing signs of infection. His mental state deteriorated, and he eventually died from sepsis. This incident highlights the broader issue of the treatment and care provided to inmates in correctional facilities. The lawsuit seeks compensation and aims to raise awareness about the need for improved medical attention for individuals in custody.