Former Chicago Blackhawks Prospect Files Lawsuit Alleging Cover-Up of Sexual Assault by Coach

Chicago Blackhawks have filed a motion to dismiss a negligence lawsuit brought by a former prospect who claims the team covered up his complaints of sexual assault and harassment by then-video coach Brad Aldrich in 2010. The Blackhawks have stated their commitment to creating a safe workplace for all members of the organization. Lawyers representing the anonymous plaintiff in the suit have accused the team of concealing sexual abuse and harassment during the team’s 2010 Stanley Cup-winning season. The suit alleges that Aldrich used his position of authority to groom, harass, threaten, and assault the former player for sexual gratification. Aldrich was reportedly seen lifting the Stanley Cup despite allegations of misconduct. The complaint outlines various instances of explicit behavior and threats made by Aldrich, including offering to pay for sexual favors if he could watch and sending explicit pictures. The suit also claims that Aldrich threatened John Doe’s career if he reported him. The lawsuit is similar to allegations made by former player Kyle Beach, who settled in December 2021 after an independent investigation found that the team failed to act promptly on his claims. The Blackhawks have acknowledged the new lawsuit and cited efforts to address the issue, including an independent investigation, organizational restructuring, and improved reporting mechanisms and training. The plaintiff’s attorneys assert their intention to proceed to trial rather than seeking a settlement. The case is expected to move forward in early 2024 after a potential extension for the Blackhawks to respond.