Justice Denied: Thurston County Woman Sues for Arrest and Lack of Medical Aid While Suffering from Brain Bleed

In Thurston County, Washington, a woman named Nicole McClure has filed a lawsuit after being arrested for driving under the influence and allegedly not receiving medical aid while experiencing a brain bleed. The incident occurred on March 21, 2022, when McClure was involved in a single-vehicle collision due to a medical emergency. A Washington State Patrol trooper witnessed McClure driving at a slow speed before she collided with the center of a roundabout in Olympia.

According to the lawsuit, McClure informed the troopers that she had left work early because she felt dizzy and was unsure of what was happening to her. Allegedly, McClure was forcefully arrested at gunpoint and ultimately charged with driving under the influence. The troopers did not conduct a breathalyzer or field sobriety test, but they reported observing bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

The lawsuit alleges that although McClure had her blood drawn, she did not receive any medical aid and was left overnight in Thurston County Jail. During this time, she was unable to stand or control her bodily functions, all while suffering from a brain bleed. Furthermore, the lawsuit accuses the jail guards of being aware of McClure’s involvement in a car collision and her need for medical care. It claims that the guards even made fun of her condition and offered her another alcoholic drink.

The following morning, McClure was found unresponsive and was immediately taken to the emergency department, where it was confirmed that she had a massive brain hemorrhage. The lawsuit states that due to this incident, McClure has suffered significant brain damage, resulting in a lifetime of decreased capacity.

The lawsuit, seeking damages, has been filed against Thurston County, the Thurston County Jail, and the Washington State Patrol. Sheriff Derek Sanders of Thurston County expressed the seriousness of the allegations and emphasized that the safety of inmates and staff remains a top priority.

The case of Nicole McClure highlights the importance of providing medical aid to those in need, especially in police custody. It raises questions about the alleged indifference towards McClure’s constitutional and civil rights by both the officers and the jail staff. The lawsuit seeks to hold the authorities accountable for their actions and the detrimental impact it has had on McClure’s life.

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