Kent County Judge Issues Preliminary Injunction Against Kristina Karamo, Halting her Role as Michigan Republican Party Chair

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A judge in Kent County has issued a preliminary injunction against Kristina Karamo, preventing her from claiming the position of chair of the Michigan Republican Party or accessing any party bank accounts or postal boxes. This ruling is a significant win for those opposing Karamo within the Michigan GOP and for Pete Hoekstra, the former ambassador and congressman who replaced Karamo after a breakoff section of the party’s state committee voted to remove her. The judge’s decision aims to bring clarity and eliminate the uncertainty caused by two individuals claiming to be MIGOP chair.

Karamo, present in the courtroom for the ruling, expressed dissatisfaction with the decision but stated her intention to comply with it while considering a possible appeal. The case is scheduled for trial in June. Judge Joseph Rossi made the ruling retroactive to January 6, declaring any actions taken by Karamo as state party chair since then to be null and void.

The ruling carries implications for the upcoming district conventions scheduled for March 2, where the majority of the party’s delegates to the Republican National Convention will be elected. Hoekstra has planned a selection in Grand Rapids for that date, while Karamo had scheduled one in Detroit. The judge’s decision now supports Hoekstra’s claim as the legitimate chairman.

Karamo faced criticism within the party due to lackluster fundraising efforts during her tenure. During the Tuesday testimony, officials supporting Karamo detailed their arguments against her removal by a breakaway faction of the state committee, citing procedural flaws and conduct. However, Judge Rossi concluded that these flaws did not invalidate the actions against Karamo, mentioning that an expert on parliamentary procedure testified in favor of the removal.

Hoekstra had previously received endorsements in the dispute from both the Republican National Committee and former President Donald Trump. In a news release following the ruling, Hoekstra called for unity within the party to deliver Michigan for the presumptive nominee, Trump.

The case highlights the internal divisions and power struggles within the Michigan Republican Party. The ruling provides clarity and resolves the issue of conflicting leadership claims, setting the stage for the upcoming party conventions and shaping the future direction of the party in Michigan.

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