Former President’s Lawyer Raises Doubts About Star Witness in Fulton County Prosecution Case

Atlanta, Georgia – A hearing regarding the prosecution of former President Donald Trump by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis took an unexpected turn as a lawyer for Trump questioned the credibility of a star witness who alleged an affair between Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade. Terrence Bradley, a former law partner and divorce attorney to Wade, was labeled a “star witness” by Presiding Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee in the bid to dismiss Willis’s office from the racketeering case against Trump and other co-defendants.

During the hearing, Steve Sadow, Trump’s lawyer, highlighted Bradley’s earlier testimony where he admitted to speculating about the timeline of the relationship between Willis and Wade. This came after defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant raised the allegations of a relationship between the two in court, claiming it started after their meeting at a judges’ conference in 2019. However, Bradley later clarified that his belief about the relationship beginning before Willis brought the racketeering indictment was based on speculation.

Sadow questioned why Bradley didn’t disclose that he was speculating when Merchant asked him about the timeline of the relationship. Bradley’s response was that he didn’t recall why he believed it started at that time, but he reiterated that Wade only met Willis at the conference in 2019 and didn’t hear anything directly from Wade to suggest otherwise.

Sadow further suggested that if Bradley did have knowledge of a relationship starting before November 2021, it would imply that both Willis and Wade had lied under oath. Bradley admitted that he could have spread lies about his friends but claimed uncertainty about the specific circumstances.

The impact of Bradley’s testimony on the judge’s decision to disqualify Willis or other prosecutors from the case remains unclear. Throughout the hearing, Bradley frequently responded with “I don’t recall” when pressed for details about Wade’s relationship. Judge McAfee diligently took notes during the proceedings, especially when Bradley couldn’t recall specific information.

Legal experts commended Sadow’s strategic questioning, describing it as a master class in courtroom advocacy. Sadow’s approach focused on highlighting Bradley’s alleged inconsistencies and memory lapses rather than pressuring him to provide direct answers.

The question of Willis and Wade’s truthfulness about the start of their relationship could pose a significant challenge to the case and potentially lead to sanctions. However, it’s uncertain whether it will be enough to disqualify the prosecutors.

Summation arguments for the disqualification complaint will be presented during a hearing on Friday. The motion was initially filed by Ashleigh Merchant, who accused Willis of benefiting financially from Wade’s employment at the district attorney’s office. Wade and Willis testified earlier this month, admitting to using Wade’s credit cards for vacations and reimbursing the expenses in cash without documented records.

As the hearing continues, the fate of the prosecution and the involvement of Willis and Wade in the case remain uncertain. The judge will have to weigh the credibility of witnesses and determine the impact of their testimony on the overall proceedings.