Federal Judge Denies Preliminary Injunction on Taxing Arizona State Rebates: What This Means for Families

Phoenix, Arizona – Families in Arizona should include last year’s state rebate as part of their income when filing their taxes, according to a recent federal court ruling. The decision comes after Attorney General Kris Mayes’ request for a preliminary injunction to block the IRS from taxing the rebates was denied by a judge. The rebates, which were distributed to nearly 750,000 Arizona families, will now be subject to federal taxation. U.S. District Court Judge Murray Snow stated that he lacked sufficient information to determine if the court has jurisdiction over whether taxing the rebate … Read more

Warren County ESC Prevails as Court Grants Injunction, Securing Victory in Lawsuit Against State

FRANKLIN, Ohio – A court has granted an injunction in favor of Warren County Educational Service Center (ESC) in its lawsuit against the state. The ruling comes after the ESC filed a lawsuit opposing a new law that affects their funding. The ESC is a school district service provider for 10 local schools in the county. The lawsuit centered around a law that changed how the ESC calculates its funding in relation to the number of students enrolled in online and in-person classes. The ESC argued that the law resulted in a significant cut in … Read more

Seoul Semiconductor Takes Legal Action Against Amazon for Patent Infringement, Seeking Injunction on Sales of LED Products

SEOUL, South Korea– Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (SSC), a global leader in LED products and technology, has taken legal action against retail giant Amazon. The company filed a patent infringement lawsuit in the European Unified Patent Court, seeking an injunction to stop the sale of infringing products. Over the past five years, SSC and its affiliates have successfully obtained 15 permanent injunctions for patent infringement in courts across the United States, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. However, the company found that filing lawsuits in individual countries was not the most efficient way to enforce patents … Read more

Judge’s Ruling: HSHS Hospitals Face Closure Despite Pleas for Injunction

Wausau, Wisconsin – A judge has denied an injunction that would have maintained the operation of HSHS hospitals in the region. The decision means that the hospitals are set to close soon, which has sparked concerns among local residents about the impact on healthcare access. The ruling came after a legal battle involving several parties, including the city of Eau Claire and the hospitals’ owner, Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS). In a statement, HSHS expressed disappointment with the outcome and vowed to work with local communities to ensure a smooth transition for patients and employees. … Read more