Remembering Phyllis Laws: A Life Celebrated at Moody-Connolly Funeral Home & Crematory – 2024

Smithville, Tennessee – Phyllis Laws, a lifelong resident of Smithville, passed away on February 9, 2024. She was known for her notable contributions to the community and her dedication to promoting education and arts. Her passing leaves behind a legacy that will be remembered by many.

Laws was an active member of the Smithville community, serving as a teacher for over three decades. She deeply believed in the transformative power of education and worked tirelessly to instill a love for learning in her students. Known for her compassionate and patient nature, Laws was beloved by her students and colleagues alike.

Outside of the classroom, Laws was a champion for the arts. She recognized the importance of artistic expression for personal growth and community enrichment. Laws was a founding member of the Smithville Arts Alliance, an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting local artists. Her efforts helped establish art programs and events that continue to thrive today.

Laws also had a passion for history and played a crucial role in preserving the rich heritage of Smithville. She served as the president of the Smithville Historical Society for many years, working diligently to document and protect the town’s historical landmarks and artifacts. Her dedication to preserving the past ensured that future generations would have a deeper appreciation for their roots.

In addition to her community involvements, Laws was a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. She cherished her family and created a warm and nurturing home for her loved ones. Her kind spirit and unwavering support will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

As news of Laws’ passing spreads throughout Smithville, the community mourns the loss of a remarkable individual whose contributions have left an indelible mark. Through her dedication to education, the arts, and the preservation of history, Laws has touched the lives of countless people and will be remembered as a true hometown hero.

A memorial service to celebrate Phyllis Laws’ life and legacy will be held on February 15th at the Smithville Community Center. The community is invited to attend and pay their respects to a cherished member of the Smithville family.