Former Advice Columnist Awarded $83.3 Million in Lawsuit Against Donald Trump over Sexual Assault Allegations

New York City, NY – Former advice columnist E. Jean Carroll has been awarded an additional $83.3 million in damages in her defamation lawsuit against former President Donald Trump. Carroll alleges that Trump damaged her reputation by calling her a liar after she accused him of sexual assault back in 1996. This is the second verdict in nine months that has supported Carroll’s claim and held Trump accountable for his actions.

The recent verdict was delivered by a jury consisting of seven men and two women. Throughout the trial, Trump was present in the courtroom, leaving abruptly during closing arguments by Carroll’s lawyer but returning to hear his own lawyer’s closing statement and Carroll’s attorney’s full rebuttal. Trump continues to deny the sexual assault allegations, asserting his innocence.

This defamation trial specifically focused on the statements made by Trump about Carroll while he was president. It is separate from the previous trial, which resulted in a $5 million judgment against Trump for sexually abusing Carroll and defaming her by claiming she fabricated the assault. Trump is currently appealing that decision.

During the recent trial, the jury was tasked with determining the amount of damages Trump should pay Carroll for the two specific statements he made after excerpts of Carroll’s memoir were published. The jury was not asked to re-evaluate the issue of whether the alleged sexual assault occurred.

Carroll’s legal representation requested $24 million in compensatory damages, along with a “high punitive award.” Her lawyer argued that such damages would serve as both punishment for Trump and a deterrent against his ongoing public statements that damage Carroll’s reputation.

Unsurprisingly, Trump vehemently disagreed with Carroll’s claims during the trial. His lawyer argued that Carroll had benefited financially and attained the fame she desired through her accusations against Trump. Consequently, Trump’s legal counsel argued that no damages were warranted in this case.

To support Carroll’s request for damages, a sociologist testified that Trump’s statements had caused between $7.2 million and $12.1 million in harm to Carroll’s reputation. Throughout the trial, Carroll testified about the detrimental impact Trump’s public statements had on her life, including death threats and the need to increase her personal security measures.

As the trial drew to a close, Trump, who is currently seeking the Republican presidential nomination, tried to control the narrative by portraying himself as a victim of a politicized legal system. While it is important to note that there is no evidence of influence from President Joe Biden or the White House in any of Trump’s ongoing legal battles, his argument has resonated with his loyal supporters.

Carroll expressed her desire to restore her damaged reputation during her testimony, stating that she wanted to put an end to the lies being spread about her. Trump’s lawyer, however, continued to assert his client’s innocence and discredited Carroll’s allegations.

In the end, the jury’s decision to award Carroll an additional $83.3 million in damages marks another victory for her in this legal battle against Trump. With the ongoing appeals process, it remains to be seen whether this verdict will be upheld or revised in the future.