Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Slams NY Mayor Eric Adams’ Lawsuit Against Bus Companies Over Migrant Transport

New York City Mayor Eric Adams faces potential defeat in court as Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott predicts that the city’s $708 million lawsuit against 17 charter bus and transportation companies transporting migrants to New York will fail. In an interview with Fox News, Abbott argued that the Biden administration has already authorized these migrants to be in the United States legally, rendering the lawsuit baseless. He called the lawsuit a “political statement” and insisted that the responsibility lies with the Biden administration’s immigration policies, suggesting that Adams should sue the administration instead.

Adams announced the lawsuit last week, claiming that the bus companies were part of Abbott’s scheme to overwhelm New York City’s social services system. However, Abbott maintained that it is the Biden administration’s policies that are causing the influx of migrants into the country. He criticized Adams for targeting the bus companies and suggested that the mayor should direct his legal action towards President Biden.

The ongoing crisis at the southern border has prompted Texas to bus over 33,000 migrants to New York since August 2022. The numbers at the border reached a record-breaking monthly encounter of more than 300,000 in December. Abbott has repeatedly reached out to the Biden administration, proposing ways to address the crisis, but claims to have received no response.

Abbott also highlighted the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Texas over its immigration law, which allows local law enforcement officers to arrest individuals suspected of entering the U.S. illegally. He argued that the state law simply enforces the laws passed by Congress and does not conflict with federal law.

In conclusion, Mayor Adams’ lawsuit against the bus companies transporting migrants faces skepticism from Governor Abbott, who believes the legal action should be directed towards the Biden administration. The ongoing migration crisis at the southern border continues to be a contentious issue between border states and the federal government.