Connecticut Health Giant Faces New Antitrust Suit Over Alleged Price-Fixing, Blocking Affordable Care Options

HARTFORD, Conn. — A new wave of scrutiny surrounds Hartford Healthcare (HHC), spotlighting not only its health services but also its significant influence on Connecticut’s healthcare industry. The conglomerate, criticized for allegedly inflating healthcare costs across the state, now faces a third antitrust lawsuit. This latest legal battle aligns with prior court action from consumers and competing health systems, painting a complex picture of a healthcare giant purportedly leveraging its size to hinder competition and elevate prices. The lawsuit asserts that HHC monopolizes the healthcare market in several Connecticut regions, such as Meriden and Norwich, … Read more

Portsmouth’s Housing Crisis: Dillon’s Law Hampers Efforts to Mandate Affordable Housing in New Developments

Portsmouth, New Hampshire is grappling with a pressing housing crisis driven by various factors, including population growth, limited land availability, and escalating construction costs. However, the city faces a significant roadblock in the form of Dillon’s Law, which restricts its authority to mandate affordable or workforce housing in new developments. Dillon’s Law, originating from an 1868 Iowa court case, imposes limitations on local governments’ powers, allowing them to take actions only explicitly permitted by state law. In terms of housing policy, this legal restriction hampers Portsmouth’s ability to implement measures that promote housing affordability and … Read more

Beverly Hills Residents Shocked and Frustrated as Judge Issues Ban on Mansion Remodeling Amidst City’s Affordable Housing Crisis

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – The elite residents of Beverly Hills in California are facing restrictions on their ability to remodel their mansions due to a recently imposed ban on construction permits. The ban was issued by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Curtis A. Kin in response to the city’s failure to pass a sufficient affordable housing plan. As a result, current residents are now temporarily barred from obtaining construction permits for their properties. The decision has sparked controversy among the wealthy community, which is renowned for its luxurious homes and famous residents, including celebrities like … Read more

New California Law Gives Homeowners the Option to Sell Accessory Dwelling Units Separately, Sparking Debate on Affordable Housing

San Diego, California – As 2022 begins, several new laws are taking effect that directly impact accessory dwelling units (ADUs), also known as granny flats or backyard homes. One notable law, AB 1033, grants cities the option to allow homeowners to sell their ADUs separately from the main house. The reception to this law is mixed, with some championing the opportunity it provides for affordable housing, while others express concerns. Raphael Perez, Chair of the Casita Coalition, an organization advocating for the construction of more smaller, affordable housing, supports the idea of selling ADUs separately. … Read more