Bayer’s Monsanto Unit Receives $1 Billion Reduction in Roundup Cancer Verdict, Providing Relief Amidst Legal Battles

JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri – A judge in Missouri has reduced a $1.5 billion jury verdict against Bayer AG’s Monsanto unit by nearly $1 billion, marking a significant victory for the company in its ongoing legal battle over the cancer risks associated with its Roundup weedkiller. Judge Daniel Green refused to grant Monsanto’s requests for a new trial or to dismiss the entire verdict, but he did reduce the punitive damages portion of the award by over 60% to approximately $550 million. This reduction in the Missouri award comes as a relief for Bayer, which has … Read more

Halt on Senate Bill 4 Provides Relief and Uncertainty for Immigrants, Local Experts Aim to Inform Public About Rights

Tyler, Texas – Senate Bill 4, a controversial immigration law in Texas, has been temporarily halted by a federal judge. The ruling has sparked hope among local experts who are eager to continue educating people about their rights and are even optimistic that the law may be permanently stopped. Earlier this year, an immigrant-focused organization in Tyler hosted two meetings to inform the public about Senate Bill 4. Immigration lawyer Ginger Young, who led the event, provided insights and answered questions about the law’s provisions and how to handle encounters with law enforcement. To prepare … Read more

Oregon Senate Passes Bill to Provide Tax Relief for Wildfire Survivors, Allowing Them to Keep More of Their Settlements

SALEM, Oregon — The Oregon Senate unanimously passed a bill on Wednesday that aims to provide financial relief to survivors of wildfires in the state. Sponsored by Senator Brian Boquist, the bill, known as Senate Bill 1520, introduces a tax exemption for court awards and settlements related to wildfires. The legislation comes in response to several lawsuits filed against PacifiCorp, which a jury found responsible for sparking four Labor Day wildfires in 2020. Survivors of these wildfires have received millions of dollars in settlements and awards. However, due to federal tax laws, they have only … Read more

The Texas Two-Step Bankruptcy Tactic Fails to Provide Desired Relief, Ignites Controversy: A Closer Look

Austin, Texas – The controversial “Texas Two-Step” bankruptcy cases, which involved corporations using the tactic of restructuring and subsequently filing for bankruptcy to delay mass tort liability, have proven to be unsuccessful. Companies such as Best Wall, DBMP, Aldrich Pump/Murray Boiler, and most recently, LTL, have all attempted this strategy without success. These failed attempts have garnered significant attention, with critics including the U.S. Senate expressing strong opposition. The concept of the Texas Two-Step has muddled the discussion surrounding the legitimate interests of both public companies seeking “finality” in resolving claims and plaintiffs who want … Read more