Sen. Chris Murphy Credits Bipartisan Safer Communities Act with 12% Reduction in Urban Homicides

Hartford, Connecticut – President Joe Biden’s age has been a subject of speculation regarding his ability to govern, but his allies are refuting claims that it hinders his effectiveness. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut highlighted the president’s involvement in passing the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which he asserts contributed to a 12% decrease in urban homicides in the United States. The legislation, signed by President Biden in June 2022, combined gun safety measures with mental health and school security resources, marking the first major gun control law in nearly 30 years. Experts and criminologists have … Read more

New Jersey Mandates Translation Services for Seven Non-English Speaking Communities, Ensuring Inclusive Access to Vital Resources

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey has enacted a law mandating translation and interpretation services for seven non-English languages in an effort to ensure equal access to crucial services. The decision aims to support the state’s diverse population, which includes a significant number of individuals who are limited English proficient. Under the new law, state agencies and healthcare providers that receive government funds must provide translation and interpretation services for Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Gujarati, Tagalog, Arabic, and Italian. These services will be offered for vital documents, services, and programs, including those related to healthcare, law … Read more

Maurice Cox Named 2024 Henry Hope Reed Award Laureate for Addressing Social Inequity and Preserving Communities

Chicago, IL – Maurice Cox, a renowned civic leader, urban planner, and educator, has been announced as the recipient of the prestigious Henry Hope Reed Award. The award, presented by the Richard H. Driehaus jury, recognizes Cox’s commitment to addressing social and economic inequality through informed policy and design. Cox’s significant contributions to education and his dedication to preserving the fabric of communities have also been acknowledged. The selection of Cox as the 2024 laureate highlights his exceptional career and the positive impact he has made on various communities. His extensive experience in political appointments, … Read more

Uniting Forces: Red Flag Law Unites Law Enforcement and Mental Health Experts for Safer Communities

MIAMI, Florida – Law enforcement agencies across the country are increasingly turning to mental health experts to address the complex intersection of mental illness and public safety. This innovative approach, known as the “red flag law,” aims to build a bridge between law enforcement and mental health professionals. Red flag laws, also known as extreme risk protection orders, empower law enforcement officials to temporarily remove firearms from individuals who pose a significant risk to themselves or others. By leveraging the expertise of mental health experts, these laws strive to prevent tragedies and provide individuals in … Read more