MTA CEO Remains Confident in the Legality of New York’s Congestion Pricing Plan Amidst New Jersey Lawsuit

NEW YORK (AP) – The CEO of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) remains confident in the legality and feasibility of New York’s congestion pricing plan, despite a recent lawsuit filed by neighboring New Jersey that could potentially halt the program. Janno Lieber, MTA CEO, expressed his conviction during an interview on CBS’s “The Point with Marcia Cramer” on Sunday, stating that all aspects of the plan have been carefully implemented and are compliant with the law. The congestion pricing plan, proposed by New York officials, aims to toll drivers traveling below 60th Street in Manhattan … Read more

New Jersey Judge Clarifies: Scrapping Controversial Ballot Design Limited to Democratic Primary, GOP Exempted

TRENTON, N.J. – A judge in New Jersey has ruled that a controversial ballot design will only be scrapped for the Democratic primary, not the GOP. The decision comes as various parties challenge the state’s ballot design for the upcoming Senate primary. The ruling was made by a federal judge who stated that the design of the ballots should only be modified for the Democratic primary. The judge emphasized that Republicans can continue to use the existing organization lines on their ballots. This decision is expected to impact the campaigning strategies of both parties leading … Read more

Negligent Stormwater Management Costs New Jersey Borough $21.8 Million in Flood-damaged Properties

CAMDEN COUNTY, New Jersey – A jury has reached a verdict in a lawsuit alleging that negligent stormwater management by the Borough of Haddonfield resulted in severe flooding and damage to four houses. The plaintiffs, who owned the affected properties, claimed that a storm on June 20, 2019, caused backups in the borough’s stormwater management system, leading to flooding and contamination. The jury’s unanimous decision, which awarded $21.8 million in damages, serves as a warning to municipal officials who may prioritize flashy investments over essential infrastructure like stormwater management. According to Robert D. Sokolove, the … Read more

New Jersey Attorney General Refuses to Defend Unconstitutional Primary Ballot Laws

Trenton, New Jersey – Attorney General Matt Platkin has declared three New Jersey statutes that govern the state’s primary ballots as unconstitutional. In a letter sent to Judge Zahid N. Quraishi, Platkin stated that his office will not defend these statutes. The announcement comes as Judge Quraishi is expected to rule against the “county line” system in a lawsuit filed by U.S. Senate candidate Andy Kim. The “county line” system refers to the county party line on New Jersey’s primary ballots. Platkin’s opposition to this system holds significant weight as he is an upper echelon … Read more