Jury Deliberations Extend Into Second Day in Senator Menendez Federal Corruption Trial

New York — After two days of deliberations, the jury in the federal corruption trial of Sen. Bob Menendez wrapped up their session without reaching a verdict on the vast array of charges presented against him and two other defendants. The proceedings, held in lower Manhattan, involve Menendez along with businessmen Wael Hana and Fred Daibes, with accusations ranging from bribery to acting as a foreign agent. The case, dissected through an exhaustive 18-count verdict sheet, assesses alleged corruption that also includes obstruction of justice and wire fraud elements. Throughout the deliberations, the jury has … Read more

Judge to Decide Future Oversight and Leadership Bans for NRA After Corruption Verdict

New York — A state Supreme Court judge is set to deliberate on stricter oversight measures for the National Rifle Association after a jury found the organization and several former leaders guilty of corruption. The trial, which opened in New York on Monday, could result in the appointment of an independent monitor to supervise the NRA’s operations for three years and a possible permanent leadership ban for former executive Wayne LaPierre. In February, jurors concluded that LaPierre, 74, misappropriated millions of dollars from the NRA, funding an opulent lifestyle. This included private jets and lavish … Read more

Former Finance Director in Tennessee Counters Embezzlement Claims, Alleges Corruption Among Nonprofit Leaders

NEWPORT, Tenn. — In response to allegations of embezzlement, the legal representative for the former finance director of the Cocke County Partnership has declared his client’s innocence, stating she is actively cooperating in a potential state investigation concerning other leaders within the organization. Instead of being implicated in wrongdoing, she is providing evidence to assist authorities, according to her lawyer. The controversy erupted last month when the nonprofit entity responsible for fostering economic development in Cocke County initiated legal action against its former finance director Sommer White, along with District 6 Post 1 County Commissioner … Read more

Senator Menendez Opts Out of Testifying as Defense Invokes Family History in Corruption Trial

New York — In a packed Manhattan federal courtroom, Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey faced charges related to accusations of bribery and activities as a foreign agent. As the trial unfolded, the Democrat’s defense team presented family members and financial experts to refute charges of corruption linked to his interactions with businessmen connected to Egypt and Qatar. Menendez, who did not testify in the trial, saw the presentation of his defense begin this week after prosecutors called 30 witnesses over a seven-week period. Notable among the defense witnesses were Menendez’s sister and sister-in-law, a … Read more