Ella French Murder Trial: Jury Commences Deliberation in Landmark Case

CHICAGO (AP) — The jury has begun deliberations in the murder trial of Ella French, a Chicago police officer who was fatally shot during a traffic stop in August 2021. The trial, which captivated the city and drew nationwide attention, centers around the events that led to French’s tragic death and the pursuit of justice for her and her family. The prosecution presented a compelling case against the defendants, Emonte Morgan and his brother Eric Morgan, both of whom are facing charges of first-degree murder. The prosecution argued that the brothers acted with premeditation and … Read more

Quebec Government Proposes Stricter French Signage Regulations to Preserve Cultural Identity

MONTREAL, QUEBEC – The government of Quebec recently proposed draft regulations that would enforce a “French first and predominant” policy for outdoor commercial signs in the province. Spearheaded by Minister of the French Language Jean-François Roberge, the regulations specifically target signs containing non-French trademarks, such as Canadian Tire or Second Cup. Under the current law, non-French trademarks are allowed as long as they are accompanied by a generic term or description of the products or services offered. However, the proposed regulations aim to replace this rule with a requirement for French to have a “markedly … Read more

French Soccer Union Launches Legal Action Against Clubs for Mental Pressures on Players

PARIS (AP) — France’s union of professional soccer players plans to take legal action to protect players from the mental pressure exerted by their clubs when they are sidelined until they sign a new contract or agree to leave. The winter transfer window is currently open in Europe, prompting the union to commission a law firm to file a complaint with the Paris public prosecutor for extortion and harassment. The union is aiming to shed light on the bullying tactics that players endure when clubs isolate them in an attempt to force contract extensions or … Read more

Illinois Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Accusing French Montana of Copyright Infringement

CHICAGO, IL – A federal judge in Illinois has dismissed a lawsuit accusing French Montana of copyright infringement. Eddie Lee Richardson, also known as Hotwire The Producer, had claimed that French Montana’s hit song “Ain’t Worried About Nothin’” illegally sampled from his instrumental track “Hood Pushin’ Weight.” However, Judge Nancy L. Maldonado ruled that the similarities between the two songs were not enough to establish copyright infringement. In her ruling, Judge Maldonado emphasized that the dismissal was a “technical win” for French Montana and should not be seen as a substantive victory. She expressed sympathy … Read more