Federal Circuit Identifies Prejudicial Legal Error in Tamper-Resistant Food Container Patent Case

Boston, Massachusetts – The Federal Circuit recently overturned a judgment of invalidity and ordered a new trial in the case of Inline Plastics Corp. v. Lacerta Group, LLC. The court determined that the district court’s jury instruction on objective indicia of nonobviousness was a prejudicial legal error. The case revolved around patents for tamper-resistant and tamper-evident food containers. In American civil litigation, jury instructions provide the legal rules and guidelines for jurors to follow when reaching a verdict. The judge’s role is to ensure these instructions accurately reflect the applicable law. Attorneys from both sides … Read more

New Lawsuit Filed Over Equifax Coding Error Causes Financial Chaos

Pittsburgh, PA – The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office recently filed a lawsuit against Equifax, a major credit reporting agency, citing a coding error that may have exposed the personal information of thousands of individuals. The lawsuit alleges that Equifax’s negligent actions allowed unauthorized individuals to access sensitive data, including Social Security numbers and financial information. According to the lawsuit, the coding error occurred in March 2024 and was not discovered by Equifax until later that year. The Attorney General’s Office claims that Equifax failed to take prompt action to address the error and instead continued … Read more

Former Loudoun County Schools Chief’s Guilty Verdict Overturned Due to Jury Instruction Error

LEESBURG, Va. (AP) — A judge in Loudoun County set aside the guilty verdict against former schools chief Scott Ziegler, who was convicted of retaliating against a teacher who accused officials of withholding protection from a student who inappropriately touched her. Chief Circuit Court Judge Douglas L. Fleming Jr. granted a new trial, citing incorrect jury instructions in the misdemeanor case. While setting aside the verdict, Judge Fleming acknowledged that there was enough evidence to sustain a conviction against Ziegler, who was fired in 2022 for mishandling sexual assault cases. The incident drew national attention … Read more

Technical Difficulties: Server Error Delays Access to App or Website

Las Vegas, Nevada – The request for a specific app or website could not be satisfied due to an error or high traffic. Users attempting to connect to the server are currently unable to do so, prompting a need for troubleshooting or contacting the app or website owner. This issue, which may be temporary, is causing inconvenience for customers attempting to access content provided through CloudFront. CloudFront, the service responsible for generating the error message, recommends reviewing their documentation for steps to troubleshoot and prevent this error. It is unclear at this time what exactly … Read more