Sensational SDNY Ruling: Website Accessibility Lawsuit Dismissed with Prejudice for Lack of Standing

New York, NY – The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) has seen a shift in the handling of website accessibility lawsuits. In a recent decision, SDNY Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil dismissed a complaint with prejudice due to vague allegations regarding the plaintiffs’ standing to sue. This departure from the norm may have implications for future cases in the district. The lawsuit involved two blind individuals who identified themselves as testers. They alleged that an online retailer’s website violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the New York State … Read more

D.C. Man Denied $340 Million Powerball Jackpot Due to Mistaken Website Numbers, Files Lawsuit Against District and Lottery Officials

Washington D.C. – A man from Washington D.C. believed he had struck it rich with a $340 million Powerball prize, only to be told that there had been a mistake. Joseph Cheeks has now taken legal action against the District, Powerball, and various government offices and affiliated companies because they have refused to pay him his winnings. According to Cheeks, his numbers appeared on the D.C. Lottery’s website after the January 7 drawing last year. Although Cheeks didn’t watch the drawing on January 7, he checked the D.C. Lottery website on the morning of January … Read more

Technical Difficulties: Server Error Delays Access to App or Website

Las Vegas, Nevada – The request for a specific app or website could not be satisfied due to an error or high traffic. Users attempting to connect to the server are currently unable to do so, prompting a need for troubleshooting or contacting the app or website owner. This issue, which may be temporary, is causing inconvenience for customers attempting to access content provided through CloudFront. CloudFront, the service responsible for generating the error message, recommends reviewing their documentation for steps to troubleshoot and prevent this error. It is unclear at this time what exactly … Read more

Founder of Anti-Eviction Non-Profit Admits to Authorizing Mocking Website Targeting Landlord Law Firm

PASADENA, Calif. — A founder and leader of BASTA, a non-profit organization in Los Angeles County that advocates for jury trials in unlawful detainer cases, testified on Friday that he authorized the purchase of the domain name The website was used to mock and criticize one of the county’s major law firms representing landlords. During a jury trial involving invasion of privacy and libel claims brought by Dennis P. Block and Associates against Daniel J. Bramzon, BASTA, and contractor Brett Schulte, Bramzon admitted from the witness stand that he gave permission for the purchase … Read more