EU Launches Investigation into Tech Giants Apple, Meta, and Google under Digital-Competition Law

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Tech giants Apple, Google, and Meta are facing investigations by the European Union (EU) under new digital-competition laws. The EU is examining whether these companies have violated regulations that aim to prevent anti-competitive behavior and safeguard fair competition in the digital market. This move by the EU comes as part of their broader efforts to regulate and control the power of big tech companies. The investigations are centered around concerns that Apple, Google, and Meta may have engaged in anti-competitive practices, giving them an unfair advantage over their competitors. While specific details … Read more

B.C. Court Allows Class Action Suit Against Google for Non-Consensual Collection of Face Biometrics

Vancouver, British Columbia – The British Columbia Court of Appeal has granted Yeremia Situmorang permission to proceed with his class action lawsuit against Google. Situmorang is alleging that pictures of his children, taken on his Android phone and automatically uploaded to Google Photos without his consent, resulted in the non-consensual collection of face biometrics. The court document states that Situmorang argues that facial biometric data is inherently sensitive personal information and collecting it without consent violates privacy. Situmorang’s lawsuit represents both users and non-users of Google Photos who have had their facial biometric identifiers extracted … Read more

Epic Scores Big Win: Jury Unanimously Finds Google Guilty of Anticompetitive Behavior in Android App Market

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — In a landmark decision, a jury has unanimously found that Google holds a monopoly in the Android app distribution and in-app billing services markets. The jury also determined that Google engaged in anticompetitive behavior in these markets, causing injury to the game developer Epic. Furthermore, the jury concluded that Google’s distribution agreement, known as Project Hug, as well as its deals with game developers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), were all anticompetitive. Google has announced its plans to appeal the verdict. Wilson White, Google’s vice president of affairs and public policy, … Read more

Google Reaches Groundbreaking Settlement in Multi-Billion-Dollar Lawsuit Over Controversial Incognito Mode Data Collection

WASHINGTON (AP) — Google has reached a settlement in a multi-billion-dollar lawsuit over alleged data collection by its ‘Incognito mode.’ The company agreed to pay a sum of money to the plaintiffs, who claimed that Google tracked and collected their browsing data even when they were using the private browsing mode. The lawsuit was originally filed in June 2020 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. The plaintiffs alleged that Google had violated federal wiretapping laws and had unjustly enriched itself by collecting data without users’ consent. The lawsuit also claimed … Read more