Federal Judge Dismisses Wisconsin Senate from Lawsuit Over Green Bay City Hall Audio Recording Equipment

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin – A federal judge has dismissed the Wisconsin Senate from a lawsuit against the city of Green Bay over the installation of audio recording equipment as part of a city hall security system. The lawsuit, which has been ongoing for approximately a year, alleges that the recording equipment violated the privacy rights of visitors to city hall and has cost state taxpayers over $400,000. The lawsuit was filed in the weeks leading up to last year’s mayoral election, with individuals involved having close ties to Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich’s Republican opponent. … Read more

New Study Exposes Massive Green Card Backlog in the United States, Urges Overhaul of Immigration Process

Washington, D.C. – A recent white paper has shed light on the significant challenges presented by the green card backlog in the United States, calling for a comprehensive overhaul of the system. The study conducted by the Cato Institute revealed that only 3 percent of applicants are projected to obtain permanent residence by the fiscal year 2024. This alarming statistic highlights the magnitude of the issue, with approximately 34.7 million applications currently backlogged. According to the white paper, the backlog has been caused by the cap on the number and types of immigrants who can … Read more

Gov. Josh Green Calls for Additional Funds to Fight Climate Lawsuit: Hawaii Youths Accuse State Department of Violating Constitutional Rights

Honolulu, Hawaii – The administration of Gov. Josh Green is seeking an additional $2.25 million to combat a climate lawsuit filed by 14 young individuals in Hawaii. The lawsuit accuses the state Department of Transportation of violating their constitutional rights by endangering their present and future well-being. The funds are intended to cover the costs of an external law firm that is already collaborating with the state Attorney General’s Office to represent the department. The case is scheduled to be heard in the 1st Circuit’s Environmental Court in Honolulu from June 24 through July 12. … Read more

New Jersey Takes a Green Leap: Enacts EPR Law for Electric Vehicle Batteries, A Major Step Towards Sustainable Future

Trenton, New Jersey – New legislation has been signed into law in New Jersey that mandates the implementation of an extended producer responsibility (EPR) program for electric vehicle (EV) batteries. This move aims to address the increasing challenge of managing and recycling these batteries as the adoption of EVs continues to rise. Under the new law, EV manufacturers will be responsible for financing and managing the collection, transportation, and recycling of the batteries they produce. This shift in responsibility from consumers to manufacturers is expected to significantly improve the recycling rates of EV batteries and … Read more