Explosive Filing Exposes Trump’s Lawyer Denying Computer Ownership: Shocking Revelation in Jack Smith Case

WASHINGTON, DC – In a recent court filing, it was revealed that former Trump lawyer Jack Smith claimed to not own a computer, despite evidence suggesting otherwise. The filing comes as part of an ongoing investigation into alleged misuse of campaign funds by the former president. The revelation has sparked questions about the credibility of Smith’s statements and raises concerns about potential attempts to withhold information. The court filing, submitted on Friday, disclosed Smith’s claim that he did not own a computer during the time he served as Trump’s personal lawyer. However, this assertion contradicts … Read more

Judge Denies Jack Smith’s Bid for Access to Trump’s Lawyer Communication

Judge Cannon of Brooklyn, New York has rejected a request by Jack Smith to gain access to communications involving former President Donald Trump’s lawyer. The decision was made on Monday in a ruling that could impact other ongoing legal battles. Smith, who filed a motion in March seeking to obtain records related to Trump’s lawyer, argued that access to these communications was crucial to his own case. However, Judge Cannon disagreed and denied Smith’s request. The ruling comes as part of a wider legal battle, as numerous individuals and organizations seek access to documents and … Read more