Spotlight on Innovation: RIBA National Awards Reveal 26 Top Architecture Projects Advancing Heritage and Modern Design Across the UK

London, UK — This year’s Royal Institute of British Architects (RICA) National Awards hailed 26 exemplary architectural projects that demonstrate innovative design and effective use of space. These projects, selected from a pool of 111 regional winners, showcase the growing diversity and ambition within UK architecture. The awards, a precursor to the prestigious Stirling Prize shortlist, due to be unveiled on July 31, demonstrate a robust dialogue about the influence of design in both communal and private spaces. They represent a mix of new constructions and inventive reuses of old buildings, highlighting a particularly strong … Read more

Iranian Director Mohammad Rasoulof Wins Special Jury Prize at Cannes for Film Highlighting Injustice Amid Personal and National Struggle

Cannes, France – Iranian filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof, recently escaped from Iran, has been honored at the Cannes Film Festival with a special jury prize for his latest movie, which deep dives into the trials of a court investigator amid anti-government protests. Rasoulof, 51, faced with a harsh prison sentence in Iran, expressed his emotions through his film “The Seed of the Sacred Fig,” which spotlighted the plight of his team still facing pressures in Iran. In his heartfelt acceptance speech, Rasoulof dedicated his award to his courageous film crew in Iran, stressing the continued surveillance … Read more

China Revises Contentious National Security Law, Dropping ‘Harmful Spirit’ Clause Amid Public Backlash

In a significant legal revision, China has amended a contentious clause in its draft law, a move seen by observers as an effort to protect individual freedoms and reduce legal ambiguities. Previously, the draft included language that penalized the act of “producing, disseminating, propagating or spreading articles or remarks that are harmful to the spirit or the feelings of the Chinese nation.” This phrase, criticized for its vagueness and subjective interpretation, was removed to prevent potential misuse in law enforcement and infringement on public rights. Shen Chunyao, deputy chairman of the NPC Constitution and Law … Read more

Exploring the Latest in Hobbyist Trends and Tech: Cage Lawyer Talks National Collections, Plus eBay’s New Autopay Feature Unveiled by Josh Cohen

Los Angeles — In the ever-evolving world of online marketplaces, eBay stands out with its latest innovation aimed at streamlining payments for its massive user base. The company has recently introduced an autopay function, designed to facilitate smoother transactions and improve the overall user experience. Josh Cohen from PC Sports Cards unpacked the new feature, highlighting its potential to significantly alter how buyers and sellers interact on the platform. eBay’s new autopay system addresses a long-standing issue that has plagued the site: the often cumbersome manual process of completing a payment after winning a bid. … Read more