Federal Judge Blocks Unconstitutional Ohio Law Restricting Kids’ Social Media Access: Tech Industry Group Celebrates Victory

Columbus, Ohio – A federal judge in Ohio has ruled against a law that aimed to regulate children’s access to social media platforms. The judge, District Judge Algenon Marbley, temporarily blocked the law, stating that it is likely to be unconstitutional. This decision follows an emergency order issued by Judge Marbley last month, halting the law’s implementation. The Ohio legislation would have required social media platforms to obtain parental consent before allowing children under the age of 16 to create accounts. However, Judge Marbley expressed concerns about the law’s approach, calling it “breathtakingly blunt” in … Read more

Exploring the Legacy of Jim Crow Laws: Teaching Kids about Racial Segregation in America

New York City, New York – Teaching children about the Jim Crow laws era can be a challenging and emotionally charged task. However, it is essential to provide them with a basic understanding of this dark period in American history to prevent the repetition of past mistakes. In this article, we will explore the facts surrounding Jim Crow laws, the purpose behind them, their lasting legacy, and valuable teaching resources. Jim Crow laws were a set of statutes implemented by states and local areas in the United States to legalize racial segregation. These laws deprived … Read more

Grieving Gilbert Family Propels ‘Christian’s Law’ to Protect Kids from Accidental Shootings

GILBERT, AZ – A Gilbert family is pushing for a new law in memory of their late son, Christian Petillo, who tragically lost his life in a preventable shooting accident. Christian’s parents, Bruce and Claire Petillo, have introduced a bill called “Christian’s Law” at the state Capitol, aimed at promoting gun safety by requiring homeowners to properly secure their firearms. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Jennifer Longdon, was reintroduced as House Bill 2233 after not progressing in the previous legislative session. Christian, a 15-year-old boy, was fatally shot during a sleepover at a friend’s house … Read more

Increasing Concerns Over Accessibility of Marijuana to Kids Sparks Wider Conversation on Legalization’s Impact

Dayton, Ohio – As the debate surrounding the legalization of marijuana continues, concerns are being raised about the potential impact on children. While some argue that marijuana is already a social norm and accessible to kids due to illegal street weed, others worry that legalization could normalize its use among young people. According to Christine Murray, a behavioral health therapist at Dayton Children’s, the developing brain is particularly vulnerable to the effects of THC, the mind-altering component of marijuana. Exposure to THC during the brain’s development phase can lead to complications and hinder the building … Read more