Examining Missouri’s Gun Laws in the Aftermath of the Kansas City Chiefs Shooting

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI – The recent shooting incident at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory parade has once again brought Missouri’s gun laws into the spotlight. With minimal regulations surrounding the sale, ownership, and carrying of firearms in the state, Missouri’s gun laws are likely to face scrutiny. While state law prohibits local officials from overriding its gun laws, cities such as Kansas City and St. Louis have implemented ordinances requiring permits for open carry. However, other cities like Columbia and Springfield do not have such requirements. In 2021, Missouri lawmakers passed the “Second … Read more

Missouri’s Nonpartisan Circuit Courts Welcome New Lawyer Members for Judicial Candidate Selection Process

City, State – Missouri’s six nonpartisan circuit courts have recently welcomed new lawyer members to their judicial candidate selection bodies. These members were elected through local elections held in November, replacing lawyers whose terms expired at the end of last year. The circuit commissions consist of two elected lawyers, two nonlawyer members appointed by the governor, and the chief judge of the Court of Appeals district associated with the circuit. Among the newly appointed members is Scott Campbell, a criminal defense and family law practitioner based in Platte City. He now joins the 6th Circuit … Read more