Secret Stairways and Massive Stashes: NYC Authorities Bust Major Illegal Marijuana Operations

Staten Island, NY — A clandestine operation was unearthed beneath the streets of Staten Island this week as city authorities conducted a series of raids on illegal marijuana dispensaries, revealing a sophisticated network of illicit drug sales rampant across the borough. Among the establishments targeted was Richmond Discount & Accessories, where officials discovered a hidden staircase leading to an array of controlled substances cleverly concealed in a basement. During the operation, Sheriff’s deputies and New York City police encountered a large and organized assortment of cannabis products neatly arranged, signaling a high-volume operation. This stash … Read more

Embraer’s Global Operations Pose Significant Compliance and Trade Risks, Threatening Reputation and Financial Performance

Sao Paulo, Brazil – Embraer-empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica (ERJ) has unveiled a new risk stemming from its international operations. The extensive global reach of the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer brings with it the challenge of adhering to complex international laws and regulations. Failure to swiftly address compliance issues, particularly in the face of numerous foreign contracts, could have severe legal consequences, jeopardizing the company’s reputation and financial performance. Furthermore, as the majority of its revenue comes from international customers, Embraer is susceptible to the fluctuating winds of global trade policies and regulatory shifts, which could negatively … Read more

New Developments in Silicosis Litigation: Strategies for Companies Using Silica in Manufacturing Operations

New York, NY – Dechert Re:Torts, a monthly newsletter specializing in product liability and mass torts litigation, covers various news and developments in the field. In this issue, there are several hot topics of interest, including a temporary stay order issued by Cal/OSHA for workers exposed to respirable crystalline silica, the ongoing debate over opioid public nuisance claims, the ethical and legal challenges in obscured litigation funding, the inadequacy of “proxy” testing in PFAS litigation, and the increasing scrutiny on tech companies by regulators and legislators. The issue begins by addressing the growing number of … Read more

Epiq Unveils Cutting-Edge Case Management Platform for Seamless Legal Operations

Epiq, a global leader in technology-enabled services for the legal industry, has introduced Epiq Facilitator™, an advanced case management platform designed to streamline information retrieval and legal analysis. This secure and reliable application is specifically tailored for managing voluntary remediation, claims, and regulatory settlements. By providing instant access to crucial case information, Epiq Facilitator™ equips clients with the tools they need to efficiently handle large-scale settlement administration tasks. Epiq’s proprietary technology, intelligent importing, and data validation processes ensure high levels of efficiency and transparency throughout the settlement process. The company plans to further enhance the … Read more