New Developments in Silicosis Litigation: Strategies for Companies Using Silica in Manufacturing Operations

New York, NY – Dechert Re:Torts, a monthly newsletter specializing in product liability and mass torts litigation, covers various news and developments in the field. In this issue, there are several hot topics of interest, including a temporary stay order issued by Cal/OSHA for workers exposed to respirable crystalline silica, the ongoing debate over opioid public nuisance claims, the ethical and legal challenges in obscured litigation funding, the inadequacy of “proxy” testing in PFAS litigation, and the increasing scrutiny on tech companies by regulators and legislators. The issue begins by addressing the growing number of … Read more

Utah Developer Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against Millard County Newspaper, Claiming Defamation Over Manufacturing Plant Project

Fillmore, Utah – Wayne Aston, a Utah land developer and entrepreneur, has filed a defamation lawsuit against the Millard County Chronicle Progress, a rural Utah newspaper. Aston claims that the newspaper published libelous articles that cast doubt on his business investments and plans to construct a $280 million manufacturing plant in Fillmore. The lawsuit, filed in December, alleges that the Chronicle Progress published five defamatory and inaccurate articles about Aston’s efforts to develop a factory on 151 acres of land. Aston contends that these negative reports have damaged his business reputation, leading to a loss … Read more

Trump’s Legal Team Supports Prosecutors’ Claims of Manufacturing Pretense for Election Overturn in Latest Filing

Washington, D.C. – In a recent legal filing, former President Donald Trump’s legal team has inadvertently provided prosecutors with evidence supporting the claim that his false voter fraud allegations served as a pretext for overturning the 2020 election. The filing includes a citation to a report from an unnamed source, shared by Trump on social media, that purports to outline various voter fraud claims. However, upon closer examination, the report is replete with falsehoods and unsupported claims. This inclusion by Trump’s legal team does not bode well for his defense. The report begins by asserting … Read more