Local Lawyer Champions Tibetan Traditions in Community Outreach Initiative

Lhasa, Tibet – In the heart of Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, Merna Drolma, a local lawyer, is on a mission to preserve and promote her Tibetan heritage. Advocating for cultural preservation while balancing her profession in law, Drolma embodies the resilience and evolving identity of contemporary Tibetan society. Growing up in a traditional Tibetan family exposed Drolma to rich customs and deep-rooted spiritual practices. Despite the 21st-century pressures and the globalization sweeping through Tibet, Drolma remains passionate about sustaining the unique Tibetan culture, especially in a world where such identities can be easily overshadowed … Read more

Mother’s Concern for Son’s Safety Leads to Community Outreach Efforts and Technology Tracking

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Concerns for the safety of a missing teenager have arisen, prompting an ongoing investigation by local authorities. On January 4, 2022, Police Commissioner Gentile released a statement regarding the case, expressing apprehension over the well-being of the teenager, identified as Lockhart. In the midst of these troubling circumstances, information revealed in a lawsuit points to the mother, Solomon, taking numerous actions to locate her son, including distributing flyers, seeking community assistance, and attempting to track his digital devices. Lockhart’s disappearance has caused deep concern within the community, triggering an extensive search effort. … Read more