Epiq Unveils Advanced Technology to Safeguard Class Action Claims from Fraud

NEW YORK (AP) — In anticipation of new digitization trends, Epiq, a global technology-enabled leader in the legal industry and corporations, has announced additional technology enhancements. These advancements aim to protect the integrity of class action claims by ensuring that valid claims are honored and fraudulent claims are stopped. Epiq’s proven anti-fraud process, EpiqShield™, combines technologies, people, and protocols to safeguard settlements from evolving threats. “Bad actors have increased their digital assaults on the class action claims process in recent years,” said Loree Kovach, Epiq’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Client Technology. Kovach works … Read more

Reimagining Our Forefathers’ Vision: Rethinking Laws in a Modern Age of Technology and Interpretation

Honolulu, Hawaii – As our society continues to evolve and encounter new challenges, it is worth reflecting on the intentions and limitations of our founding forefathers. The laws they established were based on their understanding of the world at that time, aiming to protect our freedom. However, it is undeniable that their vision could not have anticipated the advancements in technology and the complexities of our modern world. One area where the founders’ language falls short is the right to keep and bear arms. While their intent was to secure the individual’s ability to defend … Read more

Oregon Passes Landmark Stalking Bill to Protect Victims from Emerging Technology

St. Helens, Oregon – The Oregon House and Senate have recently passed a bill aimed at updating the state’s stalking laws to address the advances in technology that weren’t accounted for when the original laws were written. The bill, known as House Bill 4156, is currently awaiting Governor Tina Kotek’s signature and is set to take effect on July 1, 2024. The motivation behind the bill’s modernization comes in part from the efforts of St. Helens Police Detective Sergeant Matt Smith. Smith’s involvement with the bill began when a local stalking case was brought to … Read more

Revolutionary Mindset: How Technology Breaks the Barrier for Black Women Lawyering

Houston, Texas – A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Houston suggests that regular exercise is beneficial not only for physical health, but also for brain function in older adults. The study, which focused on adults aged 60 and older, found a strong association between physical activity and improved cognitive abilities. The researchers analyzed data from over 1,400 older adults who participated in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA), a long-term study exploring the causes of cardiovascular diseases. Participants wore accelerometers to measure their physical activity over the course of a week, … Read more