NFL Seeks to Overturn Historic $4.7 Billion Verdict in Sunday Ticket Class-Action Suit, Citing Errors and Juror Bias

LOS ANANGELES — The National Football League is moving to strike down a colossal $4.7 billion payout awarded in a class-action lawsuit, which claims the organization historically overcharged subscribers for out-of-market game broadcasts, a verdict the NFL deems as one of the most indefensible in American legal history. In their recent legal filings, the league’s attorneys described the damages as “nonsensical,” contending that the judgment fundamentally misunderstood the pricing structure of Sunday Ticket packages. The controversy stems from a discrepancy between the Sunday Ticket’s listed prices in 2018 and 2019 — $294 — versus the … Read more

Washington County Elections Board Faces Lawsuit Over Unrectified Mail-In Vote Errors, Spends Taxpayer Money on Legal Defense

Pittsburgh, PA — In a contentious move, the Washington County Board of Elections has decided to allocate taxpayer money to defend itself against a lawsuit challenging its policy on disqualifying mail-in ballots with flawed return envelopes without offering an opportunity for voters to correct these mistakes. The lawsuit, initiated by the ACLU, has spurred heated debate around voters’ rights and the responsibilities of electoral boards. Earlier in the week, revelations surfaced about the ACLU’s decision to sue the county’s electoral board, escalating concerns about the accessibility and fairness of the voting process. According to sources, … Read more

Wisconsin Court Ruling Protects Absentee Ballots with Minor Errors, Ensures Voting Rights

MADISON, Wis. – A recent court ruling in Wisconsin has resolved a legal dispute over the acceptance of absentee ballots with minor errors. The ruling allows election clerks in the state to accept such ballots, even if they contain incomplete witness addresses. This decision comes after a contentious battle between conservatives and liberals in the battleground state. The lawsuit, brought by the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, sought to clarify the voting rights protections for absentee voters whose ballots have minor errors in listing their witnesses’ addresses. The Dane County Circuit Court ultimately ruled … Read more