Jury Orders Exxon Mobil to Pay $725.5 Million for Cancer Claims Linked to Benzene Exposure

Philadelphia — A Philadelphia jury has ordered Exxon Mobil Corp. to pay $725.5 million in damages to a former mechanic who argued that his exposure to benzene in the company’s petroleum products led to his cancer diagnosis. The decision came after Paul Gill, who worked at a Mobil service station from 1975 to 1980, accused Exxon of not adequately warning him about the carcinogenic risks associated with benzene found in gasoline and other solvents. The verdict marks a significant victory for workers seeking accountability from large corporations over health and safety disclosures. According to Patrick … Read more

NFL to Pay $4.8 Billion for Antitrust Breach Over Sunday Ticket Game Distribution

LOS ANGELES — In a sweeping decision on Thursday, a federal jury ordered the National Football League to pay close to $4.8 billion in damages for violating antitrust laws with its exclusive distribution of out-of-market Sunday afternoon games through its “Sunday Ticket” package on DirecTV. The case could have broader implications for sports broadcasting rights and distribution models. The U.S. District Court ruling concluded that the NFL had unfairly monopolized the market, charging inflated prices to millions of subscribers who had limited options to watch these games from 2011 to 2022. A total of $4.7 … Read more

Boeing Ordered to Pay $72 Million for Misusing Startup’s Electric Jet Secrets

WASHINGTON — A federal jury in Washington has ruled that aerospace giant Boeing Co. must pay $72 million to Zunum Aero Inc., an electric jet startup, for the misappropriation of trade secrets. This decision marks a significant milestone in the ongoing battle over the rights to pioneering technology in the aviation sector. The case revolves around a once-promising partnership that soured, leading Zunum, which had been working on innovative electric aircraft, to accuse Boeing of using its closely held technologies without proper authorization. According to the verdict, Boeing’s actions not only infringed on Zunum’s intellectual … Read more

Oregon Jury Orders Johnson & Johnson to Pay $260 Million over Mesothelioma Claims Linked to Talc Products

Portland, Oregon – A jury in Oregon has determined that Johnson & Johnson, the healthcare behemoth, is responsible for $260 million in damages for a case involving mesotheloma allegedly caused by asbestos in their talcum powder products. This significant verdict reflects the ongoing controversy and litigation surrounding talcum powders, which have been linked to cancer diagnoses in numerous users across the country. The decision, reached after careful deliberation, highlights the alleged failure of Johnson & Johnson to adequately warn consumers about the dangers associated with their talc products. According to plaintiff claims, the company knew … Read more