$13.1 Million Verdict for Ultramarathon Runner After Devastating Fall on Seattle Sidewalk

Seattle, WA — In a significant legal decision, a King County jury has awarded $13.1 million to Lesley Mettler Auld, a 53-year-old ultramarathon runner, who sustained severe injuries due to a fall on a faulty Seattle sidewalk in 2021. The verdict holds the city of Seattle and the owners of a nearby apartment building jointly responsible for the damages incurred. Mettler Auld, a professional fitness coach known for her endurance in ultramarathons—races extending beyond the standard marathon length—suffered this life-changing injury while traversing a treacherous patch of sidewalk in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood. Her fall … Read more

Devastating Verdict: Doctor Faces $6.2 Million Damages in Controversial Medical Negligence Lawsuit

Sherman, Texas – A jury in Collin County, Texas, has awarded a man from Lamar County a hefty sum of $6.2 million in a medical negligence lawsuit against a local doctor. The lawsuit alleged that the patient, Bill Proctor, was left paralyzed after a spinal surgery gone wrong. Proctor’s attorney, Seth McCloskey, revealed that his client had a history of back problems, having previously undergone five back surgeries. According to McCloskey, Proctor sought the expertise of Dr. Mark Silver in Sherman to address his chronic back pain. However, complications arose during the surgery in 2018, … Read more

PacifiCorp Ordered to Pay $42 Million in Damages for Devastating Oregon Wildfires

GATES, Oregon — PacifiCorp, a unit of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, has been ordered by an Oregon jury to pay over $42 million to 10 victims of the devastating wildfires that occurred on Labor Day 2020. This verdict is the latest development in a series of litigations that are expected to result in the electric utility being held accountable for billions of dollars in damages. The jury’s decision last June found PacifiCorp liable for negligence in failing to cut power to its 600,000 customers despite warnings from top fire officials. The jury concluded that the … Read more

Canadian Woman Sues Xcel Energy, Alleging Power Pole Started Devastating Texas Wildfire

CANADIAN, Texas — A Canadian woman has filed a lawsuit claiming that a power pole owned by Xcel Energy started the largest wildfire in Texas history. Melanie McQuiddy alleges that a splintered power pole fell and ignited the Springhouse Creek fire. According to Reuters, McQuiddy argues that Xcel had a duty to maintain safe electrical equipment but neglected to properly repair and inspect its power line poles. She is seeking compensation for the damages caused by the wildfire. The lawsuit also names Osmose Utilities Services as a defendant. McQuiddy asserts that the company was hired … Read more