States File Lawsuit to Block Biden’s Student-Loan Repayment Plan, Citing Constitutional Concerns and Revenue Loss for Loan Servicer

Jefferson City, Missouri – Missouri’s Attorney General, Andrew Bailey, has led six other GOP states in filing a lawsuit to block President Joe Biden’s new student-loan repayment plan. The lawsuit argues that the SAVE income-driven repayment plan, established in July 2023, is unconstitutional and defies a Supreme Court decision that previously blocked Biden’s attempt at broad debt relief. This is the second lawsuit filed so far to block the student-loan repayment plan. The lawsuit specifically takes issue with the early implementation of a provision of the SAVE plan by the Education Department in February. The … Read more

MTA CEO Remains Confident in the Legality of New York’s Congestion Pricing Plan Amidst New Jersey Lawsuit

NEW YORK (AP) – The CEO of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) remains confident in the legality and feasibility of New York’s congestion pricing plan, despite a recent lawsuit filed by neighboring New Jersey that could potentially halt the program. Janno Lieber, MTA CEO, expressed his conviction during an interview on CBS’s “The Point with Marcia Cramer” on Sunday, stating that all aspects of the plan have been carefully implemented and are compliant with the law. The congestion pricing plan, proposed by New York officials, aims to toll drivers traveling below 60th Street in Manhattan … Read more

Former City Lawyer Testifies About Concerns Over Controversial Bonus Plan, Sparks Clashes with Aaron Zahn

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Aaron Zahn, the former CEO of JEA, found out that the bonus plan that led to his firing and federal conspiracy charges might not be legal, causing him to become angry and frustrated. This revelation came from Jason Gabriel, the former general counsel for the city of Jacksonville, who testified at the trial of Zahn and ex-JEA CFO Ryan Wannemacher. The defendants are accused of implementing a bonus scheme that allowed JEA employees to purchase company “units” that could increase in value if the utility was sold. Gabriel argued that he had … Read more

University of Maryland Law Professor Maxwell L. Stearns Proposes Revolutionary Plan to Strengthen American Democracy

Baltimore, Maryland – Maxwell L. Stearns, the Venable, Baetjer & Howard Professor of Law at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law, has proposed a radical solution to repair America’s broken democracy in his latest book, “Parliamentary America: The Least Radical Means of Radically Repairing Our Broken Democracy.” Drawing on his extensive research and travels to different democracies around the world, Stearns advocates for transforming the U.S. government into a parliamentary system. Stearns recently discussed his ideas at a Z√≥calo and Los Angeles Times event titled “Would Parliamentary America Have More Fun?” … Read more