LSU Settles Lawsuit Over Mishandling of Sexual Misconduct Reports, Pays $1.9 Million to Former Students

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – LSU has reached a settlement agreement to pay $1.9 million in a lawsuit involving 10 former students. The lawsuit accused university officials of violating the students’ civil rights by failing to adequately investigate and address reports of rape, partner violence, and sexual harassment on campus. The settlement, obtained through a public-records request, was signed by LSU President William Tate on March 27. The lawsuit, filed in 2021, came in the wake of numerous former students speaking out about their experiences of sexual assault at LSU. Two plaintiffs in the case alleged … Read more

Minnesota Considers Making Swatting Calls a Felony Offense Amid Rise in Fake School Shooting Reports

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Lawmakers in Minnesota are considering a proposal that would make swatting calls, a dangerous and wasteful act, a felony offense in the state. Swatting involves making a fake call to emergency services in order to elicit a response, often from a SWAT team, at another person’s house. The proposal, authored by Rep. Lisa Demuth, the GOP Minority Leader, aims to specifically target those who make swatting calls to the homes of elected officials, judges, prosecuting attorneys, correctional facility employees, or peace officers. Under current Minnesota law, it is already a crime … Read more

Hong Kong’s Controversial Security Law Sparks International Concerns and Heightens Crackdown Fears: CNN Reports

Hong Kong government unveils controversial security law that raises concerns both domestically and internationally. The new legislation has sparked fears of further restrictions and crackdowns in the city, prompting critics and foreign governments to express their apprehension. These security laws, which were recently revealed by the Hong Kong government, have been met with significant backlash and are viewed as potential threats to the autonomy and freedoms of the region. The introduction of this new security law has prompted concerns about its implications for Hong Kong’s political climate and its impact on civil liberties. Critics argue … Read more

Judge Warns Trump: Behave or Be Booted from Defamation Trial, Reports Say

New York – Donald Trump was warned by a federal judge on Wednesday that he could be removed from the courtroom if he continued to make comments that the jury could hear during writer E. Jean Carroll’s second defamation case against him, according to multiple reports. This incident occurred on the second day of the trial while Carroll, a former magazine columnist, was giving her testimony. Trump was reportedly heard calling the case a “witch hunt” and dismissing it as a “con job,” which prompted the attorney for Carroll to raise a complaint. U.S. District … Read more