Disability Advocates Challenge Louisiana’s Latest Voting Laws, Citing Violations of Federal Rights

Baton Rouge, LA – A set of recently passed laws in Louisiana is raising significant concerns among disability rights advocates, who argue the legislation infringes upon the Voting Rights Commission standards and poses substantial obstacles for voters with disabilities. This controversy centers around two new statutes that, according to critics, complicate rather than facilitate the voting process for this vulnerable population. One law revises the protocol for mail-in ballots, requiring additional steps that could potentially disenfranchise those needing special accommodations. Another regulation restricts the use of absentee ballots, which have traditionally helped people with disabilities … Read more

Delaware Supreme Court Reinstates Permanent Absentee and Early Voting, ACLU Pushes for Constitutional Support

Dover, Delaware — The Delaware Supreme Court recently resurrected both permanent absentee voting and early voting on account of a narrowly focused legal aspect, leaving broader constitutional questions about these electoral processes unanswered. Though the court did not delve into whether the laws align with Delaware’s constitution, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Delaware views the reinstatement of these voting options as a win for voter accessibility in the upcoming elections. Andrew Bernstein, ACLU of Delaware’s Cozen Voting Rights Fellow, expressed mixed feelings about the court’s oversight. “While it’s disheartening that the court sidestepped … Read more

Judge Secures Top Spot in AL All-Star Team Selection After Dominating First Phase of Voting

New York, NY — New York Yankees’ outfielder Aaron Judge has once again shown why he’s one of baseball’s top players after leading the Phase 1 voting for the American League All-Star team. Judge’s engaging performance this season has not only captivated fans but also earned him the top spot among all AL contenders in the preliminary round of votes. This significant lead in voting highlights Judge’s continued impact in Major League Baseball (MLB) and solidifies his standing as a fan favorite. His prowess at the plate and exhilarating fieldwork have resonated well with baseball … Read more

Potential Impact: New Voting Restrictions in Southern States May Shape Outcome of 2024 Races

DALLAS, Texas – New voting restrictions in several southern states are sparking concerns about their potential impact on the 2024 elections. Proponents argue that the measures are necessary to safeguard the integrity of the voting process, while opponents raise fears that the restrictions will disproportionately impact minority communities and suppress voter turnout. These voting restrictions, passed in states including Georgia, Texas, and Florida, have drawn criticism from civil rights groups and Democratic lawmakers. The laws introduce various changes such as stricter ID requirements, limitations on mail-in voting, and reduced early voting periods. Advocates for the … Read more