Governor Ron DeSantis Appoints Two Successful Lawyers to Judicial Positions in Seminole and Sarasota Counties

Sanford, FL – Two lawyers with proven track records have recently been appointed as judges in Seminole and Sarasota Counties, respectively, by Governor Ron DeSantis. These appointments come as replacements for judges who have been promoted from county courts to circuit courts. In Seminole County, Sylvia Grunor, a former donor to Governor DeSantis’ presidential campaign, has been granted the position. Grunor, who hails from Sanford, has a long history in the legal field. She was interviewed by the Supreme Court Judicial Nominating Commission in 2016 and previously ran for the trial bench in 2000. Grunor … Read more

Sarasota County Schools to Join Lawsuit Against Social Media Platforms Over Child Safety Concerns

Sarasota County Schools in Florida may soon join more than 20 other school districts in the state in a class-action lawsuit against major social media platforms. The decision will be discussed in an upcoming school board meeting. The lawsuit alleges that Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube have not made necessary changes to their platforms to protect children from harmful content. The Surgeon General’s advisory presents mounting evidence of the risks associated with social media use among children and adolescents. The superintendent of Sarasota County Schools, Terry Connor, emphasized the district’s commitment to ensuring the … Read more

Trump Media CEO Drops Defamation Lawsuit Against Sarasota Columnist and Media Outlets

Sarasota, FL – Devin Nunes, CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group, has dropped his defamation lawsuit against Sarasota Herald-Tribune columnist Chris Anderson and other media outlets. The lawsuit, which was filed in April 2023, accused Anderson and the outlets of publishing defamatory statements in a column. Court records show that Nunes voluntarily dismissed all defendants without prejudice on Dec. 15, just four days before a scheduled case management hearing. The lawsuit initially targeted The Guardian, Penske Media Corp., owner of Variety magazine, Anderson, and Will Wilkerson, who had allegedly been removed from Trump Media. … Read more

Sarasota County Judge Dismisses Allegations of Juror Misconduct, Upholding $261 Million Damages Award to Kowalski Family Against All Children’s Hospital

Sarasota County, Florida – A judge in Sarasota County has dismissed allegations of juror misconduct in a civil case against Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. The hospital claimed that the misconduct was grounds for a new trial after a $261 million damages award was issued. Judge Hunter Carroll made the ruling after questioning jury foreman Paul Lengyel. The hospital’s attorneys had accused Lengyel of multiple instances of misconduct, including bias against their client and conducting his own research into the case. Lengyel was part of a six-person jury that found All Children’s Hospital guilty of … Read more