Reversal of Another Saratoga County Verdict Raises Questions About Anonymous Jury Practices

Saratoga Springs, NY — In a recent turn of judicial proceedings in Saratoga County, a higher court has overturned a conviction due to concerns surrounding the use of an anonymous jury. This marks the second such instance in the area, raising questions about the fairness and transparency of this legal practice. The recent decision involved the case of a local man previously found guilty of drug possession charges. The Appellate Division of the state Supreme Court cited the undue process of employing an anonymous jury as a key factor in their decision to reverse the … Read more

Controversy in North Carolina: DA Report Raises Questions About Police Tactics in Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Man

PINEVILLE, N.C. — In a comprehensive review, the Mecklenburg County District Attorney concluded it is unlikely that a jury would find a Pineville Police officer criminally liable in the fatal shooting of Dennis Bodden, a suspected shoplifter. However, issues were raised about the officer’s handling of the incident, prompting further scrutiny and discussion regarding police conduct. District Attorney Spencer Merriweather detailed the event in a 20-page report concerning the incident that occurred on May 14. According to Merriweather, Sgt. Adam Roberts, the officer involved, reported to dispatch that Bodden had attempted physical aggression against him. … Read more

Supreme Court Decision on Purdue Case Raises Barriers for Settling Mass Torts in Bankruptcy

Washington – A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision has significantly influenced the landscape of bankruptcy law, particularly affecting how mass torts, such as widespread injury claims against companies, can be resolved when the accused entities file for bankruptcy. Central to this decision was the case involving Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin, which has been at the heart of numerous lawsuits due to allegations of fueling the opioid crisis in America. The court’s ruling has curtailed a common legal strategy often employed by companies in bankruptcy: settling mass tort litigation through bankruptcy protection plans that … Read more

Supreme Court Decision on Purdue Case Raises Complexities for Mass Tort Resolutions in Bankruptcy

Washington, D.C.—A recent Supreme Court decision concerning Purdue Pharma has set a new precedent that may substantially impact how mass tort liabilities are managed in bankruptcy cases across America. This ruling comes amidst a significant legal challenge concerning the restructuring of Purdue Pharma, the pharmaceutical giant largely blamed for its role in the opioid epidemic. The court’s decision complicates the path for companies seeking bankruptcy protection as a strategy to resolve massive tort liabilities. The case centered around Purdue Pharma’s proposal to resolve thousands of lawsuits linked to the opioid crisis through a restructuring plan … Read more