Uncovering Wasteful Spending: The Hidden Costs of a Bike Path to Nowhere

MONTEREY, California – The role of serving on a civil grand jury was recently debated during a talk on affordable housing hosted by the local Libertarian Party chapter. The grand jury members made their case for citizens to apply, citing the importance of the role in the community. However, the level of commitment required for the position raised concerns for some potential applicants. The insight came from an acquaintance who had previously served on the Monterey County Civil Grand Jury and had informed a fellow pickleball player about the time commitment involved. Surprisingly, the average … Read more

Campaign Spending Commission Director Urges Vigilance in Monitoring Money Flow Amidst Recovery Efforts and Upcoming Elections

Honolulu, Hawaii – Kristin Izumi-Nitao, the executive director of Hawaii’s Campaign Spending Commission, emphasized the significance of monitoring the flow of money in political campaigns during an interview with Civil Beat. With wildfires and housing concerns dominating public attention, there are concerns that reform measures proposed by the commission may be pushed aside. However, Izumi-Nitao believes it is crucial to address campaign finance issues, especially in an election year, to maintain transparency and prevent fraud. One of the main proposals under consideration by the legislature is the expansion of public funding for campaigns. The commission … Read more

Philadelphia Breaks Records, Spending $41 Million to Settle Civil Rights Claims in 2023

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – The city of Philadelphia is on track to set a new record for spending on civil rights litigation in 2023. Public records show that the city has already agreed to pay out $32 million to resolve civil rights claims in the first three quarters of the year. Additionally, a high-profile case settled in November adds another $9.1 million to the total. This means that Philadelphia is projected to spend a staggering $41 million on settling civil rights cases over the course of the year. The amount of money being spent on resolving … Read more