Judge Denies Donald Trump’s Request to Delay Hush-Money Trial, Clearing Path for Former President’s Prosecution

The hush-money trial involving former President Donald Trump is set to proceed as scheduled in Manhattan, New York, after his request for a delay was denied by a judge on Wednesday. Trump had sought to postpone the trial until the Supreme Court rules on his immunity from prosecution for alleged official acts during his presidency. The Supreme Court is expected to hear arguments on the case, but a ruling may not be issued until June. With the judge’s ruling, one of the final obstacles to the first criminal prosecution of a former U.S. president has … Read more

D.C. Superior Court Judge Clears Path for Ranked-Choice Voting and Independent Participation in Primaries Despite Lawsuit

WASHINGTON (AP) — A recent ruling by a D.C. Superior Court judge has given a significant boost to the campaign advocating for ranked-choice voting and open primaries in Washington, D.C. The judge dismissed a lawsuit that sought to block the ballot initiative, clearing the way for its progress. Initiative 83, as it has become known, aims to extend the right to participate in party primaries to independent voters and introduce ranked-choice voting to the city. Under the initiative, the more than 73,000 unaffiliated voters in D.C. would be able to take part in primary elections … Read more

Uncovering Wasteful Spending: The Hidden Costs of a Bike Path to Nowhere

MONTEREY, California – The role of serving on a civil grand jury was recently debated during a talk on affordable housing hosted by the local Libertarian Party chapter. The grand jury members made their case for citizens to apply, citing the importance of the role in the community. However, the level of commitment required for the position raised concerns for some potential applicants. The insight came from an acquaintance who had previously served on the Monterey County Civil Grand Jury and had informed a fellow pickleball player about the time commitment involved. Surprisingly, the average … Read more

Pregnancy Crisis Center Lawsuit Advances Despite Thrown-Out Request, Opens Path to Challenge Misleading Advertising Claims

Worcester, Massachusetts – A lawsuit brought against a pregnancy crisis center in Worcester has advanced, as the judge denied the center’s request to dismiss the case. The center in question, Clearway Clinic, is accused of misleading a pregnant woman who sought medical advice. Clearway, a nonprofit organization, argued that it could not be sued under Massachusetts business laws governing deceptive advertising. However, the judge ruled that the lawsuit is allowed to proceed. This decision is significant as it may pave the way for false and misleading advertising claims against crisis pregnancy centers in Massachusetts. Attorney … Read more