Radiology Group and CEO Settle Federal Lawsuit for $2.7 Million in Questionable Billing Practices

The Radiology Group, a medical imaging company based in Atlanta, Georgia, and its CEO, Dr. Anand Lalaji, have been ordered to pay a total of $3.1 million in a settlement with the federal government and several states. The company has been accused of defrauding federal health care programs by billing for services that did not meet federal standards. The settlement includes a payment of $2.7 million to the federal government and around $400,000 to the states involved in the case. The allegations against The Radiology Group were initially brought to light by two whistleblowers. It … Read more

Four Prestigious Universities Settle Price-Fixing Lawsuit, Agreeing to Pay $166 Million

Chicago, Illinois – Four prestigious universities have reached a settlement in a federal class-action lawsuit accusing them of colluding to manipulate the amount of financial aid offered to students. Dartmouth College, Rice University, Northwestern University, and Vanderbilt Universities will collectively pay $166 million to resolve the claims against them, according to a court filing on Friday. As part of the settlement, Dartmouth and Rice will each pay $33.75 million, while Vanderbilt will pay $55 million and Northwestern has offered $43.5 million. This brings the total settlement reached so far to $284 million, which will be … Read more

Elite Universities Settle Lawsuit for $118 Million, Accused of Favoring Wealthy Applicants

Brown, Yale, and Columbia universities have agreed to pay a total of $62 million to settle a lawsuit accusing them and other institutions of favoring wealthy applicants, bringing the total settlements in the case to $118 million. The settlements were disclosed by lawyers representing hundreds of thousands of current and former U.S. college students, who filed the lawsuit in Chicago federal court. Emory and Duke have also reached settlements in this case. The lawsuit, filed in 2022, alleged that the universities conspired to restrict financial aid by violating a pledge to not consider students’ finances … Read more

Philadelphia Breaks Records, Spending $41 Million to Settle Civil Rights Claims in 2023

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – The city of Philadelphia is on track to set a new record for spending on civil rights litigation in 2023. Public records show that the city has already agreed to pay out $32 million to resolve civil rights claims in the first three quarters of the year. Additionally, a high-profile case settled in November adds another $9.1 million to the total. This means that Philadelphia is projected to spend a staggering $41 million on settling civil rights cases over the course of the year. The amount of money being spent on resolving … Read more