Stamford High School Teachers Warn of Limited Student Services Amid Proposed Increase in Workload

In Stamford, high school teachers are raising concerns about a proposed increase in their workload, which they believe will limit the support they can provide to students. Teachers have already begun showing what this could look like, with some no longer offering extra academic help or writing letters of recommendation for students. These are just a few examples of the services that could be cut if the plan to add an extra class to their schedule is implemented in the coming school year. Superintendent Tamu Lucero criticized the actions taken by some teachers, stating that … Read more

Jury Rules in Favor of Stamford in Slip-and-Fall Lawsuit, Protecting Municipalities

STAMFORD, Connecticut — A Stamford jury has reached a verdict in a slip-and-fall case, favoring the defendant, the city of Stamford, under a law that protects municipalities. The plaintiff, Daniel Young, suffered injuries after slipping and falling on ice outside an elementary school. His injuries were severe enough to require a back-fusion surgery, and his medical expenses exceeded $500,000, as documented in court records. Following the incident, Young filed a lawsuit against the city of Stamford. However, the jury’s decision ultimately favored the defendant, ruling in favor of the city under the municipal protection law. … Read more