Justice Department Supports Alabama Prisoners’ Claims of Unconstitutional Violence in Ongoing Legal Battle

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Increased scrutiny surrounds Alabama’s correctional system as the U.S. Department of Justice opposed the state’s motion for summary judgment in an ongoing legal dispute over alleged unconstitutional violence in state prisons. Federal authorities argue there are substantial claims of systematic abuse that warrant a trial. Prisoners at the St. Clair Correctional Facility initiated a lawsuit in 2014, claiming they were victims of relentless violence and excessive force by guards. The facility, a maximum-security prison, currently confines about 1,000 male inmates. The allegations extend to cover not only staff misconduct but also rampant … Read more

Appeals Court Supports Ohio Judge’s Ruling in Negligence Case Against Doctor Over Lack of Prenatal Care

Cincinnati, Ohio – The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a federal judge’s ruling to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a couple against a doctor who they claim failed to provide adequate prenatal care. The couple alleges that proper care could have prevented their child’s health complications. The court’s decision came after the couple argued that the doctor’s negligence resulted in harm to their child. However, the judge determined that there was insufficient evidence to support their claim. In the original lawsuit, the couple asserted that the doctor failed to adequately monitor the mother’s … Read more

Missouri Chief Justice Calls for Urgent Increase in Juror Pay: State Representative Rudy Veit Supports Proposal

JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri – The chief justice of the Missouri Supreme Court is calling for an increase in juror pay, citing embarrassment among judges in the state when disclosing the current rate. Chief Justice Mary Russell made the plea during the 2024 State of the Judiciary address held in Jefferson City. She emphasized that Missouri’s statutory minimum for juror pay has remained unchanged since 1989, at just $6 per day plus seven cents per mile for travel expenses. State Representative Rudy Veit, the vice chair of the Missouri House Judiciary Committee, is backing the chief … Read more

New Jersey Expands Access to Contraceptives and Supports Veterans in New Laws, Promoting Health Equity and Affordability

Trenton, New Jersey – As the new year begins, New Jersey is implementing a series of laws that will have a significant impact on the healthcare industry. These new regulations are aimed at expanding access to contraceptives, making it easier for veterans to enter the nursing profession, and addressing the affordability of prescription drugs. Additionally, the state has also made changes to the Safe Haven Infant Protection Act. One key law allows pharmacists to provide self-administered hormonal contraceptives without a prescription. This means that individuals will have easier access to birth control pills, patches, and … Read more