Justice Denied: Grand Jury’s Controversial Decision Lets Gunman Off the Hook After Fatally Shooting Taqueria Robber

SAN ANGELO, Texas – A Texas grand jury has decided not to indict a gunman who fatally shot a robber at a taqueria. The incident occurred in San Angelo, Texas, highlighting the controversial topic of self-defense in the state. The incident took place on January 3rd, when a gunman entered a taqueria and encountered a robber. In an attempt to protect themselves and others, the gunman opened fire, causing fatal injuries to the robber. The grand jury, after reviewing the evidence, decided not to charge the gunman. This case has sparked a heated debate about … Read more

Grand Jury Clears Man in Fatal Shooting of Alleged Robber at Busy Houston Taqueria

HOUSTON, Texas – A grand jury in Harris County has decided not to file charges against a man who fatally shot an alleged robber at a local taqueria. The incident, which occurred at the El Ranchito restaurant on S. Gessner, gained national attention as video footage captured the shooting and activists claimed it was “overkill.” The shooting took place on January 5, 2023, and almost a year later, the case was reviewed by grand jurors following an HPD investigation. They carefully examined the security video, which showed Eric Eugene Washington entering the establishment and going … Read more