Jennifer Crumbley Requests House Arrest instead of Prison Sentence as Threats Against Prosecutor Surface

PONTIAC, Mich. – Jennifer Crumbley, the defendant in the Oxford High School shooting case, has requested house arrest instead of a prison sentence. The prosecutor’s office revealed that if given this punishment, Jennifer would live in her lawyer’s guest house. Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor Marc Keast detailed this request in a recent sentencing memo. Keast argued that such a sentence would be inadequate given the severity of the tragedy caused by Jennifer’s negligence. According to the memo, Jennifer’s attorney, Shannon Smith, is advocating for her release on a tether and for her to reside in … Read more

Federal Judge Takes Stand Against Threats and Defends Judicial Independence

Washington D.C. – Federal judges across the country are standing together in the face of threats and verbal attacks. Judge Reggie Walton, in an interview with CNN, expressed his concern over the treatment of Judge Juan Merchan and his family by the former president. According to Walton, such comments and threats against judges and their families are not only disconcerting but also pose a threat to the rule of law. He emphasized the importance of an independent judiciary that can carry out its duties without fear of physical harm. As a federal judge, Walton has … Read more

Republican-Appointed Judge Denounces Trump’s Attacks on Judge Presiding Over Hush Money Trial, Warns of Threats to Rule of Law

Washington, D.C. – A federal judge appointed by a Republican president condemned Donald Trump’s social media attacks against the judge presiding over the former president’s hush money trial in Manhattan. The judge, Reggie B. Walton, called these attacks on the rule of law “troubling” and warned that they could incite violence and threaten democracy. In a live interview with CNN, Judge Walton emphasized the importance of protecting judges and their families from threats. The judge’s public statement came after Trump criticized New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan and his daughter, Loren Merchan, falsely attributing … Read more

Threats Against Judge and Jury: Man Charged After Conviction in Janae Edmondson Crash

St. Louis, MO – A city judge expressed concerns on Wednesday about a death threat made against him and the jurors who convicted 22-year-old Daniel Riley. The threat was seen as an attempt to influence future judicial proceedings. The judge, Michael Noble, appeared in a video hearing where another judge considered whether to keep 34-year-old Erick M. Buntyn in jail without bond on a charge of tampering with a judicial officer. Buntyn allegedly made the threat right after leaving a St. Louis courtroom following guilty verdicts on two felonies and two misdemeanors. He was sitting … Read more