Jennifer Crumbley: A Mother’s Fight for Mercy After Tragedy Strikes

PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) — Jennifer Crumbley, the mother of a school shooter, is facing public scrutiny and judgment as she prepares to be sentenced for her role in the 2021 Oxford High School shooting in Pontiac, Michigan. Crumbley’s attorney and family are now working to dispel the negative portrayals and labels that have been attached to her, pleading for leniency from the judge. Crumbley and her husband, James, are the first parents in America to be held criminally responsible for a school shooting committed by their child. Both are set to be sentenced on Tuesday … Read more

Jennifer Crumbley Requests House Arrest instead of Prison Sentence as Threats Against Prosecutor Surface

PONTIAC, Mich. – Jennifer Crumbley, the defendant in the Oxford High School shooting case, has requested house arrest instead of a prison sentence. The prosecutor’s office revealed that if given this punishment, Jennifer would live in her lawyer’s guest house. Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor Marc Keast detailed this request in a recent sentencing memo. Keast argued that such a sentence would be inadequate given the severity of the tragedy caused by Jennifer’s negligence. According to the memo, Jennifer’s attorney, Shannon Smith, is advocating for her release on a tether and for her to reside in … Read more

Breaking: Jury Handpicked for James Crumbley Trial on Charges of Involuntary Manslaughter

OXFORD TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN – A jury has been selected for the trial of James Crumbley, who is facing charges of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the school shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan. This high-profile case has garnered significant attention and raises important questions about accountability and school safety. The jury selection process involved careful consideration of potential jurors’ ability to be impartial and fair in evaluating the evidence presented during the trial. Oxford Township, a close-knit community located in Michigan, was left devastated by the tragic events that unfolded at the local high … Read more

Trial Begins for James Crumbley, Charged in Infamous School Shooting Case

Pontiac, Michigan – Jury selection has begun for James Crumbley, who is charged in connection to a school shooting case at Oxford High School in 2021. Crumbley faces four counts each of involuntary manslaughter. The trial is expected to be historic, as it involves parents being charged for their child’s involvement in a school shooting. The shooting at Oxford High School resulted in the tragic deaths of four students and left six others wounded, along with an injured staff member. Crumbley’s son, who admitted to the shooting, has already been sentenced to life in prison … Read more