Live Updates: Chad Daybell Jury Selection Reaches Day 3 as Potential Jurors Face Tough Questions

BOISE, Idaho — Jury selection for the trial of Chad Daybell is underway in Boise, Idaho. The proceedings entered their third day as potential jurors were questioned in the courtroom. Daybell is facing charges of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder, among others, in the highly publicized case. The trial is expected to last 8-10 weeks and has garnered significant attention. The judge informed the potential jurors that Daybell does not need to prove his innocence, but rather the state must prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Throughout the day, the judge and … Read more

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Faces Tough Decisions on Pending Bills as Deadline Approaches

Atlanta, Georgia – Georgia Governor Brian Kemp faces a series of crucial decisions as he approaches the May 7 deadline for signing or rejecting bills. Since taking office in 2019, Kemp has proven himself willing to veto measures, having already vetoed 14 bills in 2023 alone. Additionally, he has flexed his power by freezing over $200 million in state budget spending in the past year. Now, as the deadline looms, Kemp must carefully consider a number of pending measures that have landed on his desk. Among the measures awaiting Kemp’s decision is a budget that … Read more

Florida’s Assisted-Living Owners Face a Tough Legal Battle Against Polluters

MIAMI, FLORIDA – Assisted-living owners in Florida may face increased challenges in holding polluters accountable through legal action. A recent court ruling has raised concerns that the process of suing companies responsible for environmental damage may become more difficult. The issue stems from a decision made by a Florida appeals court, which has adopted a new legal standard that could make it harder for assisted-living owners to successfully sue polluters. This standard requires the owners to prove that the pollution caused a loss in market value or use of their property, rather than just demonstrating … Read more

Governor Supports Tough Drug Dealer Penalties: New Hampshire Seeks Justice for Victims

CONCORD, N.H. – Law enforcement bills aimed at addressing drug offenses and drinking and driving were presented to the Senate Judiciary Committee, receiving support from Governor Chris Sununu. The bills discussed included measures to crack down on drug dealers whose products result in fatalities. However, one bill proposing reduced criminal liability for first-time drug offenders faced opposition from law enforcement officials and committee chairwoman, Senator Sharon Carson. Senate Bill 570-FN, sponsored by Senator Becky Whitley, aims to shift the focus from criminalization to treatment for drug offenders. The bill seeks to reduce penalties and promote … Read more