Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Faces Tough Decisions on Pending Bills as Deadline Approaches

Atlanta, Georgia – Georgia Governor Brian Kemp faces a series of crucial decisions as he approaches the May 7 deadline for signing or rejecting bills. Since taking office in 2019, Kemp has proven himself willing to veto measures, having already vetoed 14 bills in 2023 alone. Additionally, he has flexed his power by freezing over $200 million in state budget spending in the past year. Now, as the deadline looms, Kemp must carefully consider a number of pending measures that have landed on his desk. Among the measures awaiting Kemp’s decision is a budget that … Read more

Landmark Ruling Empowers Hawaii Doctors to Make Independent Medical Decisions, Puts Patients First

HONOLULU, Hawaii – A recent court ruling against Hawaii’s largest health insurer, Hawaii Medical Services Association (HMSA), has the potential to grant more autonomy to doctors in the state when it comes to making medical decisions. The ruling, delivered by a judge in Big Island, deemed HMSA’s contracts with its doctors as “unconscionable” and unenforceable. While HMSA is currently appealing the decision, this rare legal victory is being celebrated by doctors and families who have often faced denials of necessary care from the insurer. One such family is that of Scott Norton, a Big Island … Read more

Kenosha County Judge Candidate Blames Racism for Jury Trial Loss: Will This Affect His Future Decisions on the Bench?

Kenosha County, Wisconsin – Kenosha County residents will soon choose a replacement for Judge Bruce E. Schroder. Governor Tony Evers appointed Frank Gagliardi, a long-time Democrat, to the position, and Gagliardi was sworn in on January 23, 2024. Court Commissioner William Michel, also a Democrat, applied for the post as well. Heather Iverson, the only conservative candidate, decided not to seek the appointment. The three candidates participated in a forum on January 29, which was aired on February 3, 2024. During the forum, they expressed their desire to be elected to the 6-year term. Gagliardi … Read more

NRA General Counsel Admits Lack of Experience and Exclusion from Key Decisions in Testimony

Manhattan, New York – The National Rifle Association’s (NRA) General Counsel testified on Tuesday that he was hired for his position without any prior experience and was excluded from important decision-making processes. John Frazer, who has served as the NRA’s top lawyer since 2015, admitted that he had only been an attorney for less than two years when he was appointed. Despite having gained significant experience within the NRA in a non-legal capacity, Frazer acknowledged that he had never worked as a General Counsel before. During his testimony, Frazer revealed that he had been left … Read more