NFL Faces Uphill Battle as $4.7 Billion Antitrust Verdict Forces Reevaluation of Sunday Ticket Pricing Strategy

A jury recently ruled that the National Football League violated antitrust laws with its Sunday Ticket game package, resulting in a staggering $4.7 billion verdict against the league. The judgment, handed down earlier this month, concluded that the NFL had improperly conspired to keep prices high for fans wanting to watch games outside their local markets. Legal professionals and sports law experts have varied opinions on the aftermath and future implications of the verdict. Some predict that the league has a viable avenue to appeal the decision on the grounds of alleged procedural errors and … Read more

Public Demand for Transparent Government Rises as Citizens Face Uphill Battle in Enforcing Openness

Phoenix, Arizona – A nationwide review conducted by The Associated Press and CNHI News has uncovered a complex web of systems for resolving open government disputes across the United States. The findings, released during Sunshine Week, indicate that less than a third of states possess offices capable of compelling agencies to release documents or comply with open meetings requirements in response to residents’ complaints. In most states, the only recourse for individuals seeking to resolve complaints regarding the wrongful withholding of public records is to file expensive lawsuits. Alabama, for instance, only offers the option … Read more

Trump Faces Uphill Battle as E. Jean Carroll’s Lawyer Rejects Attempts to Evade $83.3M Verdict, Latest Court Filing Reveals

New York, NY – E. Jean Carroll’s lawyer has dismissed President Trump’s attempt to evade an $83.3 million ruling against him in a new court filing. Carroll, a writer and columnist, accused Trump of sexually assaulting her in a Manhattan department store in the 1990s. The judge has issued a ruling stating that Trump must provide a DNA sample for testing to determine whether it matches the dress Carroll claims she wore at the time of the incident. Trump’s lawyers have appealed the ruling, arguing that he is immune from defamation lawsuits filed by private … Read more

New York City’s Lawsuit to Halt Migrant Transport Faces Uphill Battle in Court

NEW YORK CITY (AP) — New York City’s attempt to halt the transportation of migrants into the city through a lawsuit against 17 bus companies may encounter legal obstacles, despite the excitement shown by some media outlets. The city is seeking $708 million in damages, accusing the bus companies of bringing over 33,600 migrants from Texas to Gotham in violation of Section 149 of the New York Social Services Law. According to the law, any person who brings a needy person from out of state into New York for the purpose of making them a … Read more