Washington Court of Appeals Overturns $185 Million Monsanto PCB Verdict, Impacting Future and Past Cases

Seattle, Washington — A recent ruling from the Washington Court of repercussions, reversing a substantial $185 million verdict against Monsanto could potentially nullify a cumulative $1.6 billion awarded in past jury decisions concerning the company’s liability over toxic chemicals. The verdict, pivoting on the legal interpretation of liability timelines, could set a precedent affecting numerous similar cases in the state. Earlier in May, the Court of Appeals overturned the initial verdict from a 2021 King County Superior Court case involving 200 plaintiffs comprising students, teachers, and parents from the Sky Valley Education Center. These individuals … Read more

$100 Million Verdict Challenged: Erie County and Deputies Dispute Excessive Force Award in Inmate’s 2012 Death

Buffalo, NY — Attorneys representing Erie County and several deputies from the Holding Center are contesting a $100 million jury verdict awarded for the 2012 death of inmate Richard Metcalf Jr. The legal team has cited procedural mishaps and a judicial censure as key elements influencing their challenge. The monumental verdict was handed down in April following allegations of excessive use of force that allegedly led to Metcalf’s death. Metcalf died on November 30, 2012, two days after deputies reportedly forcibly removed him from his cell, using restraint techniques that included a spit mask tied … Read more

Judge to Decide Future Oversight and Leadership Bans for NRA After Corruption Verdict

New York — A state Supreme Court judge is set to deliberate on stricter oversight measures for the National Rifle Association after a jury found the organization and several former leaders guilty of corruption. The trial, which opened in New York on Monday, could result in the appointment of an independent monitor to supervise the NRA’s operations for three years and a possible permanent leadership ban for former executive Wayne LaPierre. In February, jurors concluded that LaPierre, 74, misappropriated millions of dollars from the NRA, funding an opulent lifestyle. This included private jets and lavish … Read more

Verdict Reached: Niyajah Hales Found Guilty of Second-Degree Murder in 2021 VooDoo Lounge Shooting Incident

Wheeling, WV — After a tense three-day trial and a swift deliberation period, Niyajah Hales of Brooklyn, New York, was convicted of second-degree murder in the January 2021 shooting death of Michael J. Jackson on Wheeling Island. The critical distinction jurors made between first-degree and second-degree murder centered around the absence of premediated intent in Jackson’s shooting. The incident, stemming from a heated altercation outside the VooDoo Lounge, a popular local bar, drew to a close Hales’ trial which has gripped the local community due to its dramatic undertones and a surveillance video that captured … Read more