Understanding the Difference: Mass Tort vs. Class Action Lawsuit Explained by Cochran Firm Texas

DALLAS (KDAF) – As the new year begins, many individuals seek legal advice to empower themselves. Attorney Larry Taylor, Managing Partner at the Cochran Firm Texas, sheds light on the distinctions between mass tort and class action lawsuits.

In a class action lawsuit, a corporation is usually accused of wrongdoing, resulting in the owed compensation to a large group of individuals. The purpose of a class action lawsuit is to recoup losses experienced by consumers.

On the other hand, mass tort pertains to a group of individuals who have suffered harm or injury. This could be caused by a product that is linked to health issues such as cancer or environmental factors. The Cochran Firm Texas specializes in various areas of mass tort, including cases related to environmental harm, medical negligence, air contamination, and product-based harm.

Taylor emphasizes that many mass tort cases originate from the experiences of individuals. He recalls how the baby formula litigation started with a mother who tragically lost her child. Seeking answers, she turned to a law firm that did not specialize in mass tort cases at the time. As the lawyers delved deeper into the case, they discovered that many other families had also suffered. Taylor highlights that these cases always start with a single individual.

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