Ethics Panels Clear Former Jan. 6 Witness Lawyer of Complaints: A Look into the Case

WASHINGTON – The ethics panels have dismissed complaints against a former lawyer who represented a witness in the January 6th Capitol insurrection. The lawyer, Stephen R. Donoghue, previously served as a top attorney in the Justice Department during the Obama administration. According to documents obtained by The New York Times, the Office of Professional Responsibility and the Office of Inspector General concluded that Donoghue did not violate any legal or ethical rules in his representation of the witness, an FBI agent who testified before Congress. The panels determined that Donoghue’s actions were within the bounds … Read more

Veteran Prosecutor Resigns Amid Allegations of Witness Manipulation and Misconduct in Notorious Gang Leader’s Death Penalty Trial

Miami, Florida – A veteran Miami prosecutor has resigned following allegations of witness manipulation in a high-profile death penalty case against a notorious gang leader. Michael Von Zamft, who has handled major criminal cases throughout his career, stepped down after a judge disqualified him and another prosecutor from the trial of convicted murderer Corey Smith. The judge found evidence of witness manipulation and severe recklessness by the prosecutors, stretching back to the case’s origins 24 years ago. The prosecutors’ actions were described as a “rabbit hole” that had lost sight of their responsibility to seek … Read more

Former President’s Lawyer Raises Doubts About Star Witness in Fulton County Prosecution Case

Atlanta, Georgia – A hearing regarding the prosecution of former President Donald Trump by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis took an unexpected turn as a lawyer for Trump questioned the credibility of a star witness who alleged an affair between Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade. Terrence Bradley, a former law partner and divorce attorney to Wade, was labeled a “star witness” by Presiding Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee in the bid to dismiss Willis’s office from the racketeering case against Trump and other co-defendants. During the hearing, Steve Sadow, Trump’s lawyer, highlighted Bradley’s … Read more

Good Samaritan Witness Testifies Against Man Accused of First Degree Murder in Moody County Chief Deputy’s Death

BROOKINGS COUNTY, South Dakota – The man accused of Murder in the First Degree in the death of Moody County Chief Deputy Sheriff Ken Prorok is set to be arraigned in a court in Brookings County. Joseph Gene Hoek, a 40-year-old resident of Sioux Falls, faced charges before a Grand Jury on Friday. The Grand Jury heard from two witnesses – a law enforcement officer and a Good Samaritan who provided immediate aid to Prorok before apprehending the suspect. The Good Samaritan, Tyler Kills-A-Hundred of Flandreau, happened to be on the same stretch of highway … Read more